Solution for allotments

Who rules on your plot when you're not there? You can find out with GlobalCAM-LTE

The end of the plow season is for most owners means trouble with "relocation" and the problem of storing all possible equipment that could be stolen or destroyed by wild tenants during the winter. Desolate plots are often exposed to robberies, acts of vandalism or become refuge for the homeless.

What if you had a constant surveillance over what is happening on the plot? With GlobalCAM-LTE it's easy!

All you need is a regular IP camera and a GlobalCAM-LTE transmitter to have permanent access to live recording and live viewing from any mobile device. The GlobalCAM-LTE transmitter transmits the signal from the camera via the GSM network, requiring a SIM card with a fixed IP address (see simCAM in our offer).


- only one device, no receiver required

- access from anywhere in the world

- without the required optical visibility

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