Wireless monitoring of the stable

Wireless preview 24h from the stable in a range of hundreds kilometers!

We know how important it is.

Running a stable is a great responsibility. Such activity requires high competence and gaining trust of horse owners.

The iCAM device enables constant monitoring of the stable, specific box or paddock without complicated installations. The iCAM mobile camera is a complete solution with a camera and access via the LTE network. Enables high quality HD video transmission and has an additional option of IR light for nighttime observation. Due to a very simple installation, the camera can often be moved to different places, depending on the needs.

This solution allows you to supervise the stable without the need for a permanent carer. It allows you to observe the behavior of animals in the boxes.

The camera view can also be made available to customers so that they can run a HD preview in any location on a mobile device or computer and at any time and see the stable or the area where the animals are staying (eg paddock).

The possibilities of a professional iCAM system:

• Very high quality HD image

• PTZ 360° control + 90° up and down

• Optical zoom x 4 and additionally digital zoom

• Smooth wireless transmission of HD image after GSM 4G

• Audio transmission from the area and PTZ control by a computer, telephone or tablet.

• Ability to display the image on any TV with HDMI even at the other end of the country

• The set is always running and ready to work, all you have to do is insert the plug into the 230V socket.

• Additional options:

     o Own battery power for 3 days

     o Registration and archiving of recordings up to 5 days

     o IR night vision


…and many others

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