External lightweight 64Ah Li-Ion battery

A powerful, yet very light Lithium battery used among others in military equipment. Works at temperatures from -10 to + 70 ° and provides up to 5,000 charging cycles at a performance drop of only 20%.


iCAM-Battery for each CCTV camera with PoE +

iCAM-Battery has a PoE + port for direct power supply to any IP camera. It works with PoE + and Hi-PoE (50W) cameras from such producers as: Bosch, Axis, Hikvision, Avagilon, Dachua, UNV, Vivotec, Flir, Novus, Aper and many more.

Additionally, it is equipped with a terminal port with 12V / 4A DC power supply that can be used for any electronic devices.


iCAM-Battery as an additional battery power supply for iCAM-PowerHD and iCAM-MobileHD II

iCAM-Battery - An additional battery module for mobile cameras from the iCAM series with a capacity of up to 64Ah ensures double working time of the iCAM-PowerHD camera and three times with the iCAM-MobileHD II cameras. The module is adapted to external and severe weather conditions with a temperature range from -10 to + 55 ° C and IP66. It is equipped with cameras that are compatible with quick couplers, which means that it can be mounted on a pole or façade in a few seconds.

iCAM-Battery is recommended for iCAM mobile cameras with options that charge higher current, which can significantly extend the standard operating time, eg: IR night vision option above 100-150m, very frequent use of PTZ and scanning functions, continuous LTE transmission in areas with weak signal GSM, etc.

An important function of the iCAM-Battery is the order of usage. First, the external battery will be used and it will be switched to the internal battery in iCAM-PowerHD after it has been discharged. This enables uninterrupted operation of the camera system and periodic replenishment of only the external battery.

External, light battery IP66 adapted to supply mobile camera systems from the series:

• iCAM-MobileHD II - increases the battery operation time by 200% (from 24-32h)

• iCAM-PowerHD - increases the battery operation time by 100% (from 48 -140h)

• iCAM-MiniHD - enables battery operation of the iCAM-MiniHD system for 24-72h of continuous operation


Basic features:

• Capacity: 64Ah (768Wh)

• Power outputs: 12V DC / max 4A

• 48V in passive PoE standard - 48V / 40W (used to power IP cameras and mobile cameras from the iCAM series)

• Technology: Li-ION

• Quick mounting and assembly connector compatible with mobile cameras from the iCAM series

• IP66 

• Working temperature: -10 + 55 ° C

• Weight: 9.5kg



• 64Ah and IP66 battery

• 100-230V charger providing 100% charge in time up to 9h

• Slip-in socket for quick mounting

• Cable for connection to iCAM camera systems


• Extend the iCAM-MobileHD II mobile camera working time by 200%

• Extend the iCAM-PowerHD mobile camera working time by 100%

• Power supply for any IP cameras via PoE + or 12V DC

• Power for HotSpot and WiFi

• Power supply for PIR motion detectors etc.

• Powering other electronic devices with PoE +, 11-16V DC with power up to 50W

Basic parameters

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