iCAM-Magnetic STAND is a very strong magnetic stand that allows the assembly of iCAM and iConstruction-CAM camera systems on the roof of almost every car. Thanks to this, mobile cameras can be used in any location requiring temporary observation.

Very strong magnets in rubber casing ensure stable assembly and work safety.

Adjustable magnets will adapt automatically to any surface shape. The tripod will be perfect for any type of vehicle with steel body.

Quick assembly on almost any car or steel surface. One person is enough to install the set efficiently.

iCAM-Magnetic STAND for the safety has been equipped with very strong magnets with adjustable pressure depending on the need and current load. It can therefore be used in very heavy PTZ cameras.

Compatible with camera systems: iCAM-MobileHD II, iCAM-Power HD, iCAM-MiniHD I and II, iConstruction-CAM.





  • Tripod with three magnetic supports.
  • Bracket for mobile cameras from the iCAM and iConstruction-CAM series,



Applications in video monitoring of different locations:

  • rivers and hard to reach areas
  • mass events
  • from a large distance, e.g. from over 500m
  • temporary and mobile locations
  • route of passage of an important object
  • from a mobile car
  • for special services and supervision
  • construction and investment supervision
Basic parameters

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