Fast and effective monitoring

The iCAM series of devices has been created to provide wireless monitoring in places where the installation of wired monitoring is impossible or too expensive. iCAM systems are increasingly replacing traditional installations due to the ease of assembly and convenience of use. They are willingly used both by Municipal Offices and Municipal Guards, but also by owners of private companies.

iCAM-Mini HD does not require any permits or projects. Just mount the device anywhere (on the wall or pole) and connect the power supply. Due to the small size, the device is hardly visible, and the camera parameters allow observation of the terrain from a distance, in a radius of 300-500 m.

iCAM-Mini HD has the function of internal video recording for 5 days. Access to recordings, preview and control of the camera is possible from any computer / tablet / smartphone anywhere in the GSM / LTE range.

The most important features that distinguish individual iCAM-MiniHD systems: 


HD registration - Internal registration of video materials for 5 days

Miniature sizes and light weight

Powered by a standard LAN cable from PoE from any 48V PoE power supply

LTE 4G - Wireless access from anywhere in the world via the Internet - control, preview, registration on external NVR / VMS, download of recordings.

Does not require projects and permits

Access: directly via public - fixed IP address, cloud, P2P, VPN, DDNS, etc.

Remote viewing, control and registration on NVR and VMS servers: BVMS Bosch, Milestone, QNAP, NOVUS and many others (depending on camera and firmware selection - details available in the CAMSAT sales department)

Optical range of the observed area within a radius of up to 300-500 m around (zoom x4 - x36)

Extremely fast assembly and disassembly in any place with quick-release mounting handles - for façade or pole

Remote viewing on a phone / tablet or laptop PC and iOS



Possible additional options:

iCAM-Battery - Battery module with the same capacity as in iCAM-PowerHD.

GeoSecurity - GPS camera geolocation with notification of leaving the assembly zone - SMS / email

WiFi - Wireless WiFi module at 2.4Ghz

iCAM-TVrec - Receiver for viewing 4 images of cameras on TV with HDMI and with registration of all images on the 1T disk

... and many more available at


System parameters:


HD 2Mpix HD IP camera with x4 optical zoom

LTE wireless module for GSM 4G LTE communication with a speed of 100 / 50M

Memory for video recordings and 128 GB photos

Internal registration of the image for 5 days of continuous recordings

PoE power inputs (48V from UTP cable - twisted pair)

IP66 tightness

IR night vision: No.

Fast assembly socket for flat wall or pole 80-200 mm x 1 pc.

LTE omnidirectional antenna x 2 pcs

PoE power supply adapted to UTP cables up to 50 m length IP44 x 1 piece.



Note: The iCAM-MiniHD system does not contain its own battery power supply.


Examples of applications

Long-term monitoring of areas with access to the power source

City monitoring - eg new camera points that complement the existing network of cameras

Observation of construction sites and investment areas

eg construction of highways, distant and strategically important objects, bridges and structures in hazardous places, etc.

Monitoring of construction investments and subcontractors by managers and business owners

Monitoring of communes without projects and without permits to be completed in 3 days

Monitoring of illegal waste dumps - Quarterly cleaning costs cover the purchase of several such cameras, which will also solve other problems.

Observation of dangerous intersections and road crossings that do not have wired monitoring

Remote observation

Camera on the car of a security company and special services

Very fast response to reports and complaints from residents of municipalities

Monitoring of border crossings

Basic parameters

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