iCAM-Mini HD II does not require any permits or projects. Just mount the device on the pole, wall and connect to 230V power supply in order to have a preview of the place that interests us.

iCAM-Mini HD II can be extended with many additional functions. The iCAM-Mini II BACK version allows you to use any IP camera of any manufacturer or brand, eg Bosch, Axis, Hikvision, Dachua, UNV, Avigalion, Flir, Novus, Samsung, etc.

iCAM-Mini HD II has the function of internal video recording for 14 days. Remote access to recordings, preview and control of the camera is possible from any PC or MAC / tablet / smartphone anywhere in the world via the Internet.


Examples of applications

● Long-term monitoring of areas with access to 100-230V AC power source


● City monitoring - eg new camera points complementing the existing network of cameras

● Observation of investment areas, eg construction of highways, distant and strategically important objects, bridges and structures in hazardous places, etc.

● Monitoring of illegal waste dumps - Quarterly cleaning costs cover the purchase of several such cameras, which will also solve other problems.

● Observation of dangerous intersections and road crossings that do not have wired monitoring

● Remote observation of dangerous places

● observation of terrain threatened by floods from the car - iCam-Magnetic STAND tripod

● Very fast response to reports and complaints from residents of municipalities

● Monitoring of border crossings and many others

Basic parameters

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