Completely wireless 4G / LTE camera, with emergency battery backup, powered directly from 230V (eg. from an extension cable, from lighting post or temporary installation), with internal video recording for up to 10 days.

The iCAM-MiniHD II Duplex monitoring system has all the features of a mobile camera iCAM-MiniHD II, but it has been additionally equipped with an iMount-Duplex holder. Thanks to such a solution, it is possible to use two additional cameras and observe much larger areas.

One video monitoring point - 360° observation within a radius of 150m. iCAM-MiniHD II systems, which are very popular, are equipped with 1 rotary camera as standard. The latest version of Duplex has been extended with two additional fixed cameras that significantly expand the area of continuous monitoring.

Thanks to the use of two fixed cameras, the iCAM-MiniHD II Duplex device allows remote observation of a wide area, and the PTZ camera allows you to perform a detailed scan of the slice we are interested in, on which, for example, motion or suspicious activity has been detected. Thanks to iCAM-MiniHD II Duplex, it is very easy to check the quality of construction works or check the type of materials used. Remote-controlled night-time infrared illumination will illuminate even very dark areas so that you can read the license plate or identify the employee. As standard, we use image transducers in Full HD (1080x1920) quality, but iCAM-MiniHD II Duplex allows us to use resolutions up to 4k (8MPix or 2304x4096 pix).

iCAM-MiniHD II Duplex is an ideal solution for terrain observation with one monitoring point (observation of 2x90 ° + PTZ with an omni-directional range within a radius of 150m).

It is also possible to use your own IP camera with the iCAM-MiniHD II BACK system, which is adapted to mount any IP camera.



- construction sites

- landfills, dumps

- large industrial areas

- floods

Basic parameters

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