Rapid Deployment Camera

LTE mobile video camera with its own battery power for 3 days !!!


New generation of iCAM: Innovative iCAM-PowerHD

A mobile camera with an almost limitless LTE wireless range that can monitor and record objects in HD quality. The latest mobile camera has been equipped with its own power supply for over 3 days of continuous operation, an HD observation camera with the possibility of remote setting of the PTZ observation direction and an advanced remote control system.

iCAM-PowerHD has a completely changed approach to modern power supply, which has been armed with a high-performance battery cell system providing up to 3 days of continuous operation with the HD camcorder. Versatile applications, quick installation and full access with online control guarantee full mobility under all operating conditions.


Applications of the latest iCAM cameras:


   ● Wherever there is no power source  

   ● Short 2-5 day monitoring of any area

   ● Mass events:

         ● concerts,

         ● marathons,

         ● matches and sporting events,

         ● rallies, parades and manifestations,

         ● protection of VIP and high risk guests travel routes,

         ● observation from atypical, high, steep and dangerous places, eg observation towers, skyscrapers, radio masts, transformer stations, dams, places of fires and chemical contamination,

   ● Observations of military maneuvers and dangerous places

   ● Video monitoring of unloading of goods and important transports

   ● Camera on the car of a security company and special services.

   ● Very fast response to reports and complaints from residents of municipalities.


Description of the most important functions

A new, mobile level of video security

Thanks to the very high mobility of cameras, they can be used in temporary CCTV monitoring of different area of observation every day. It does not require any cabling or even any external power supply. iCAM-PowerHD can be used where telecommunications infrastructure or cabling is not yet provided. Today you have the need to observe illegal garbage dumps, and tomorrow mass event on the river or somewhere in the wide field. Surprise criminals and end up with dangerous situations eg. in the park or "dark" corners of the city.

Energy efficiency is the priority of iCAM-PowerHD

We have used innovative ways to save energy and maximize the operation of the device without any source of power.

A powerful battery for over 3 days

A powerful, yet very light Lithium battery used among others in military equipment. Works at temperatures from -20 to + 70 ° and provides up to 5,000 charging cycles at a performance drop of only 20%.


iCAM-PowerHD in CAM-OFF mode enables remote switching off and switching on of most camera blocks for any period, eg. no activity and no need to access the camera itself. Control of this mode is done by sending a short SMS command from any mobile phone. The whole system is connected together with recording during a few seconds after sending an SMS.

Standby Mode

iCAM-PowerHD in StandBy mode allows the same functions as the standard CAM-OFF, but allows much bigger saving of internal battery power. Turning on the Standby mode turns off as many as 99% of the device blocks. The device switches on for a few seconds to check and receive control SMSs and then switches off again. Such a procedure lasts until it receives an SMS about activating the system and launching the camera and its functionality in 100%.

Additional battery power supply

iCAM-Battery - additional battery module for mobile cameras from the iCAM series with a capacity of 64 Ah, provides double the working time of the iCAM-PowerHD camera and three times with the iCAM-MobileHD II cameras. The module is adapted to external and severe weather conditions with a temperature range from -10 to + 55 ° C and IP66. It is equipped with cameras that are compatible with quick mounting, which means that the installation on a pole or façade lasts a few seconds.

iCAM-Battery is recommended for mobile cameras with options that consume more power, and can significantly extend the standard operating time, e.g.: IR night vision option above 100-150m, very frequent use of PTZ and scanning functions, continuous LTE transmission in areas with weak GSM signal e.t.c.


An important function of the iCAM-Battery is the order of use. First, the external battery will be used and the battery will be switched to the internal battery in iCAM-PowerHD only after it has been discharged. This enables uninterrupted operation of the camera system and periodic replenishment of only the external battery.


 Active Security

iCAM-PowerHD is designed among others for observation from hiding from a distance of several hundred meters and precise control of PTZ. The device is also protected against theft and destruction by arming with an alarm and geolocation system.


The autonomous Geolocation system will inform the user himself about changing the location of the camera or its movement. The camera output from the circle zone, e.g. 50m, will cause a silent alarm and SMS and e-mail notification with the current GPS position.

Disassembly and sabotage alarm

In addition, the system was armed with a series of sensors informing about disassembly of the device and immediate sending of such information to the user.


Even faster and easier installation

Together with mechatronic engineers, we have refined the quick coupler grip, which makes mounting on a pole or façade very easy. The assembly of the camera itself consists only in inserting it into a quick-release holder and blocking it with any type of Gerda type padlock. We turn the key of the ignition switch and after a few seconds it is ready for automatic monitoring. Do you have concerns about assembly? Unnecessarily, because it is so simple that everyone can handle it. We invite you to watch the instructional videos or contact our 24-hour technical support.


LTE - Full wireless connectivity
iCAM-PowerHD has the latest GSM LTE wireless connection providing double coverage. Using two SIM cards from different operators provides much better coverage in every terrain, which is especially important with the mobile and difficult work of the camera.
At the client's request, the camera can be equipped with an additional WiFi connection, among others for downloading recordings, system configuration or local PTZ control.
Permanent connectivity via LTE - SIM card
For example, you can connect a remote iCAM camera to an NVR (VMS) recorder anywhere and receive all streams from the camera in real time over the Internet.

Now to iCAM-MobileHD II we also offer support in chosing the best Internet card available at specific market.

LTE also outside the EU
In the case of customers from outside of Poland there is the possibility of accessing the camera in several ways:
● External IP address - More and more GSM operators are able to access the Internet via a fixed IP address, thus access to iCAM takes place in the same way as on a wire. In this option, the video transmission speed and the comfort of PTZ control are the best.
● VPN - The iCAM system enables the inclusion of a private VPN tunnel between the operator and the camera. This option provides a secure connection at a slightly lower speed than in the option with an external IP address.
● Cloud P2P - Access to the camera is done by the application for mobile devices or through a special web portal. This option depends on the IP camera used in the iCAM system, e.g. Hikvision, Bosch, Axis, etc. In this option, we have the ability to control PTZ and video preview with a slight delay.
 ... wired connection available in every version of the iCAM-PowerHD system
Fast download of video recordings
The latest version of iCAM-PowerHD enables very fast downloading of video material from the internal memory of the device. Connecting the LAN cable is possible without opening the device. In this way we will get access to iCAM at 100Mbps, which can be used for configuration, PTZ control, ONLINE image preview and archive preview of recordings.


"SMS alerts"

The iCAM-PowerHD mobile camera automatically informs about detected alarm events.

The latest mobile camera will inform you about detected alarm events. An employee of the Municipal Police will receive an SMS about the occurrence of an unidentified event, e.g. in the case of:

Detection of motion in the camera image

Intruder entry into the forbidden sector

Detecting an abandoned package

Detection of powerful sound changes such as explosion, panic sounds, shots, etc.

Recognition of the registration plate being searched for on the black list

Discharged battery

Attempting to dismantle the camera

Moving the iCAM from the monitoring zone

and many other programmed events

... it all fits in such a small iCAM-PowerHD camera!

iCAM-PowerHD versions

icam-power versions 

iCAM on request: iCAM-X

At the client's request, we adapt the iCAM system to any manufacturer's camera. If you already have a monitoring system based on VMS Bosch, Axis, Samsung, Mileston, Novus or other and you want to have a mobile camera 100% compatible with your VMS, send us an inquiry and we will give you technical details and possibilities.



List of some additional options and functions
iCAM-PowerHD can be equipped with special features and capabilities. The list is extensive and gradually expanded. Below are some complementary options:

● iCAM-Battery - An additional battery module that allows you to extend the work by 100% (standard working time x2).
● WiFi - Wireless transmission for local configuration, downloading recordings and online work. Compatible with any laptop, smartphone or tablet equipped with WiFi.
● GeoSecurity - GPS geolocation + SMS / Email notification system for disassembly or theft. The system allows to inform the user, e.g. if the camera leaves the assembly zone.
● PTZ-Keyboard / video - PTZ control keyboard with 3D joystick for iCAM cameras and with screen for viewing video image from the camera in online mode.
● RemoteControl - Radio remote control for remote turning off the 10m camera. Significantly increases battery life when using the camera only in certain situations.
● AudioLinc - Audio transmission from the operator to the camera speaker
● iCAM-TVRec - Receiver with HDMI for viewing 4 images on TV with the possibility of video recording.


Monitoring where there are no CCTV cameras permanently.


  • Monitoring illegal garbage dumps - Camera with battery
  • Observation of dark streets and dangerous places - 230V camera
  • Observation from a large distance or concealment - 25x zoom camera
  • Monitoring mass events and public events - Quick assembly camera
  • Monitoring from the car. Municipal guards and special services - Camera with its own power supply
  • Camera for observing highly dangerous places, eg. monitoring of the dam structure from a distance - LTE camera
  • Remote observation of flooding areas
  • Observation of rivers and water status
  • Camera for remote actions commanding for fire brigades with previews anywhere in the country
  • Monitoring of communes without projects and without permits ready to use in just several days
  • Preview from construction sites 24h a day
Basic parameters

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