Warranty terms

General terms and conditions of a warranty

Camsat as manufacturer gives a warranty of 24 months for transmission sets of the following analogue and IP CCTV systems:
TCO 5807, CAM 5816, CDS 5021, CD04, CD06, CDS-5IP, CDS-5HD

  1. In case of detecting incorrect work of a device, before giving the device to the service, it is necessary to make sure that everything was done in accordance with the instruction manual.
  2. In case of giving or sending the faulty device to be repaired, it is indispensable to enclose a detailed description in the written form including faulty action of the device with taking into consideration work environment and the way in which they can be seen.
  3. One can use the warranty if he shows the proof of purchase (a receipt) with the claimed device including the purchase date and a description of the damage.
  4. The warranty repair includes only damages resulting from causes included in the sold device.
  5. The warranty repair will be made in the shortest time possible not exceeding 14 days counting from the date of accepting the device to be repaired in the service. In case of a necessity to import parts, the repair date can be exceeded. After making the repair, the warranty period is exceeded by the time of repair.
  6. The guarantor is not responsible for losing configuration settings of the device resulting from the repair of the device or its damage.
  7. The guarantor can refuse making the warranty repair or completely renounce from the warranty in case of stating that seals on the devices or subsystems included in it are broken.
  8. All remarks concerning the service and resulting from the warranty are made only in the service of the Camsat company.

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