7 benefits of the use of the CCTV system in the company

Added: 2016-06-19


Running your own business is great way to earnings. Unfortunately bigger company is bigger chance to mismanagement. Sometimes there is no chance to watch all places and employees. Here you can find seven benefits which can find in CCTV monitoring for companies.


1. Monitoring of storage rooms

Warehouses are places where you store many important, valuable materials and products. That means that places like this have to be permanently protected. By using cameras inside of warehouses you can reduce possibility of theft. In situation when there was a theft you can also found the guilty. Also You can solve problems like baldy arranged, transferred to wrong place products.


2. Offices monitoring

When office is empty and no one oversees the work of their subordinates, cameras can verify if they doing your commands. Dishonest employees can steal office supplies what can make big losses monthly.


3. Watching alleys and backdoors

Restaurants, bars, smaller shops and shopping centres got backdoors or rear gate, which are placed near parking, places where is easy to get there by car. That places are dreams for thieves, who plan walk off with your cargo. Monitoring CCTV (Closed Circuit TeleVision) in that places can register all situations, that can make employees feel safety, when they’re opening gates.


4. Parking security

Customers shopping centres should feel safety inside and also in parking – especially at night. In the situation of theft or damage car it easy to find the perpetrator. This increases also safety for employees for all day.


5. Monitoring of cash and currency exchange facilities

Unfortunately employees gives too many for example free drinks or too high discounts. Camera near cash for sure will discourage to exposing the company to a loss.


6. Crime prevention and facilitate the identification of criminals

Places with monitoring are less attractive for potential thieves. They know that person using monitoring can easily spot them and call police or security. Even if there is a offense, recordings form CCTV monitoring can be evidence of that crime or too recognise guilty. 


7. Guarding work cleaning companies

Many companies have a cleaning company which is working after full-time employees work. It’s worth to check out what they’re doing, when company is empty.

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