Professional monitoring installations for IP cameras

Added: 2016-07-29

CDS-6IPeco is professional broadcasting system, with which you can make monitoring installation consisting of even 16 IP cameras. It might seem that is really complicated system. Not with CDS-6IPeco. Their montage is relatively simple, so making that systems is not a problem. One device can connect with 2 IP cameras, what recuse number of modules, compared to other systems which receive signal only form one camera.   

CDS-6IP wireless transmission for IP cameras

One radio receiver CDS-6IPeco can receive signal from four transmitters. It’s worth pointing out that that system can transmit video and audio for 2000 metres.

Recommended is using one installation using wireless transmission from one family of devices (CDS-6IP, CDS-5IPmini), but if you expand existing installation with other systems, you can make it by using MASTER SLAVE mode (setup menu -> CAMERA CONNETCION SETTING -> Wireless: MASTER SLAVE). 



The diagram below shows installation with connection point collecting signal form 16 cameras IP.

6 modules CDS-6IPeco [1] are transmitting signal from 12 cameras (2 cameras for each module using UTP with RJ45). Other 4 devices are connected every with one camera [2]. All devices transmit wireless signal for 2000 metres to receivers. 2 of them get signal from 3 transmitters [3], and other 2 from 2 transmitters [4]. Next that modules CDS-6IPeco communicate with recorder DVR/NVR [5].  


CDS-6IPeco radio transmitter for IP cameras 

Built-in directional antenna

Additional trump of CDS-6IPeco is wide angle work antennas. They are antennas with double polarization H-V with angle work H-60° and V-25°. This feature allows to project monitoring CCTV where cameras can be apart to increase effectiveness of monitoring system.  

CDS-6IPeco module have built-in, integrate MIMO antenna. In case of this module, there is no chance to install external antenna. There is, however, available in CDS-6IP/SMA.


You should focus on important parameter – capacity. This system on 2000 meters got 20Mbit, and on 1000m much about 30Mbit. 


There is possible that range of this system is too less. You can increase that by using retransmission composed of device to transmit signal again for additional two kilometres. Except retransmit signal, there is possible to connect another one camera on retransmitting point, because of 2 LAN ports in device. 


The diagram below shows installation with retransmission point.

First device is connected with 2 IP cameras [1], while other one with one camera [2]. They’re sending signal from 2000 metres to first receive module in retransmission point [3], which is wire connected with another CDS-6IPeco [4]. This one taking signal from one more IP camera. From retransmission point signal is transmitting for 2 km to last receive module CDS-6IPeco, which by cable send signal to recorder [5].

CDS-6IPeco retransmission point for IP cameras 


Important is also power, which is 12V DC 1A and 12-24V PoE. 

Encryption of data

System CDS-6IPeco enables coding data by using standards: 64/128/152-bit WEP, WPA, WPA-PSK, WPA-2-PSK. This prevents the installation against unauthorized access.

The most encouraging fact, is that system, which is professional and modern, is also relatively cheap. 



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