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What exactly is CCTV?

CCTV (Closed Circuit TeleVision) surveillance, which we can also call industrial television or video surveillance, is an increasingly growing field of camera control. CCTV monitoring systems can count from 1 ordinary camera to hundreds of cameras including rotary cameras, and their signal can be transmitted both via cable and wirelessly by radio. Thanks to technological development, the second mode of transmission doesn’t lose its quality. This is a whole range of possibilities for users and designers.


Where is CCTV monitoring used?

Users are equipped with such systems for a whole range of reasons and uses. Installations of this type can be installed in malls or on the premises of companies. Actually, every user can find his own application, and thus build his installation. More ideas for applying CCTV systems in the article "Application of CCTV systems".


Monitoring wizyjny


Types of modern monitoring technology

With technological advances, newer design ideas and increasingly demanding customers are developing modern technologies to meet the demands of the 21st century. Such technologies are:


AHD monitoring technology

AHD technology appeared in production in end of 2014. This standard has been developed by the Korean company Nextchip and is now being distributed and improved all over the world. AHD systems are characterized by very high transmission quality, although it is relatively young and not yet as common as other standards, although the potential and capabilities of AHDs seem to be much higher than those previously known.

For more information on AHD technology -> AHD monitoring.


HD-CVI monitoring technology

High Definition Composite Video Interface is the standard of data transmission that first appeared in the Chinese company Dahua. This is a system comparable to AHD systems, except for minor differences in quality and price.

Go to the CVI technology article to learn more about its features. CVI Monitoring page.


IP monitoring technology

The standard itself has existed for over 90 years. It is the IP devices that have caused the elimination of old analogue monitoring and the development of modern systems. Find out a bit more about the IP standard in the IP Monitoring article.



All standards (AHD, CVI, IP) are professional. They have high quality and great capabilities that are used by designers to create new and more devices. Is it possible to select the best of the three?

It's hard to say that one of them is bad and the other good, because all three standards are very good parameters, and the differences are really small. The biggest differences can be seen in the price, but also in installation difficulties (IP installations are much more complicated than the AHD and CVI standards). As far as transmission quality is concerned, the best system can be found, but there are so few differences that it is not worth the high standard here. So both AHD and CVI and IP can be recommended. It depends on how much you want to spend on your monitoring and how you want to install it. The guarantee is that each of them is a modern and well-functioning system.

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