How we manufacture our wireless transmission kits?

CAMSAT manufactures wireless  transmission systems for CCTV and TV. Our product range includes devices for data ( CD04 ) and video/audio transmission in PAL ( i.e. TCO 5807h set , CAM5816h , CDS 5021h ) and HD  quality (i.e. CDS-5HD-SDI ) . All our systems operate in license free  5GHz band .


The inspiration to start development of new devices are suggestions and needs of our customers. The initial phase of the whole development cycle is its design. The first step is to create an electronic diagram , which will have functions determined by our engineers. Once this step is finished precised tests of layout are carried out thorough computer system . After a detailed analysis, we create diagram of printed circuit board, in order to implement several prototype PCBs . The next step is the installation of the whole system , in order to make the necessary corrections, measurement and testing of the device. After all measurements essential equipment documentation is created. The final step is to implement the housing . It provides protection from external factors , protects the system against external magnetic fields and other sources of interference  as well as easy access to cable sockets. Thus prepared, wireless kit, is tested under various area conditions . Final step is to send device to relevant certification bodies to get the CE certificate .


The second stage of creation of our devices is preparing to mass production. During this step, the system checks the individual parameters of each elements required to create device. All electronic components used by us are RoHS compliant, so comply with the EU Directive reg. implementing the reduction of hazardous substances into the environment of pervasive electronic devices. The next task is to check the circuit on PCB board and control of the insulating layer . 




 After all these steps the manufacturing process begins. This stage is divided into several parts and it has strong influence on quality of our equipment. First action is the positioning and SMD surface soldering . It is followed by pushing THT elements through printed circuit board and its soldering. This step is followed by careful check of soldered components. After installation of all components systems performance is being checked. Current consumption of each device  and output power of transmitters is being measured. Wireless analogue video transmitter output power cannot exceed 25mW and digital up to 100mW if we want to follow EU regulations. The sequent step is to check the frequency of each operating channel. The last phase is to connect the entire kit and verify its quality. Such thoroughly tested PCBs go to mechanical department, where with great care are mounted in earlier prepeared housing.

Afterwards the equipment goes to quality control department. There all electronic parameters, aesthetics as well as marking is being checked. The purpose of this last action is to remove all negative factors which could affect the quality of our products.


The last phase of preparation cycle is packing. The first step is to complete all elements included in the box. Then each device individually is thoroughly cleaned and wrapped with a cling film . All our equipment is carefully protected from damage during transport with bubble wrap . The complete set is packed in a environment friendly carton.

Final step is the labeling. Label shows name of the device along with a bar code , to facilitate unification in logistic systems.


Very large commitment to work during each stage of creation, as well as continuous training and employees improvement programs, cause that high quality of our products is not a matter of fortune, but it is the result of planned and coordinated activities of all departments in our company.


Karol Dolatowski, CAMSAT

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