Wireless monitoring

Wireless monitoring - digital and analog systems

What is a wireless camera??

Wireless technology is used today in every area of our lives. It is also used in CCTV installations, which we will later call wireless monitoring. Wireless cameras have a dedicated built-in transmitter for video, audio and wireless control signals. Many people are unaware of the existence of many different wireless technologies, each with their unique advantages and disadvantages. Of course the fact that the devices are wireless does’t mean they don’t need power. The exception is Camsat's iCAM-MobileHD wireless camera, which has a built-in rechargeable battery for at least 12 hours of work.

These cameras operate on a simple principle. The camera connects to a transmitter that wirelessly transmits the signal to the receiver. This is connected to a monitor or recorder and in this way we get the simplest wireless installation.

Analog systems vs. digital systems

We can distinguish two types of data transmission, analog and digital.
Analog devices transmit a continuous signal that can be received by each receiver in the correct frequency range. This means that anyone can actually pick up our analog signal or disrupt it.
Digital systems work a little differently. They modulate their signal and choose the right frequency to avoid interference. This also makes the transmission safer and to capture the image, sound or data, the receiver must be connected to the transmitter. This means that the camera and receiver are programmed to pass through the frequency at the same rate.

Types of wireless signal

Regardless of whether the technology is analog or digital, most devices transmit their signals in the 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz band. In the meantime, the 900 MHz and 1.2 MHz bands were also popular, but now they have almost completely disappeared.

Available frequency bands:

2.4 GHz frequency

Available for analogs and digital systems. This is a band on which a lot of devices work, which can cause problems with transmission.

Frequency 5.8 GHz

Available for analogs and digital systems. Rarely banded and less susceptible to interference.


WiFi cameras are wireless IP cameras. They allow multiple devices to be connected to one local network via a wireless router. Typically, routers aren’t connected to kits - they need to be purchased separately.

Can I make my wired camera work wirelessly?

Of course. There are easy-to-set kits consisting of a transmitter connected to the camera and a receiver that can be connected, for example, to a recorder. We produce wireless transmission systems for both analog cameras and IP cameras, AHD and CVI. In our offer we have devices that transmit signals from one or more cameras.

Can the wireless camera range be increased?

Of course. It is possible to create so-called retransmission points. It creates a situation where there is no optical visibility between the camera and the monitoring center or when the distance is too large to transmit the signal.

Example retransmission point using CDS-EasyIP wireless transmission module for IP cameras.

Transmisja z kamerami IP z punktem retransmisji


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