FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1.   How many cameras it is needed for?

- if customer has more than 8 cameras to install or if  all 8 channels of work (for 5.8GHz) are occupied , digital transmission sets CDS series for 5.2GHz have to be used. CDS set have 21 channels of work.

2.   Will cameras work inside or outside the building?

- outdoor sets have „h" ending, i.e. CAM5816h, CDS5021h

- indoor sets haven`t got that extension at all or end with "m".

3.   Are there stationary or high speed cameras ?

- if stationary - only wireless transmission sets have to be selected, i.e. for 4 cameras - 4 transmission sets

- if high speed cameras - in addition to video transmission sets telemetry modules CD04 have to be selected as well (number of modules = number of cameras + 1), i.e. for 5 high speed cameras - 5 video transmission sets and 6 CD04 modules

Number of telemetry modules working in the same time in one control system is unlimited.

4.   Are there any other wireless transmission appliances:

- if yes - how many cameras is it for?

            - what frequency they operate on?

      Mind that for 5.8Ghz number of wireless transmission sets can not be more than 8.

 5.   What is the distance video signal is going to be send for?

 Camsat`s sets range of work:

  • TCO5807h  ≤  1.5 km           TCO5807m     ≤  200m
  • CAM5816h  ≤  3 km              CAM5816h/5    ≤  5km    
  • CDS5021h  ≤  1 km              CDS5021h/2   ≤  2 km
  • CD04    ≤  6km                     CAM5816 + AK19x2   ≤ 2km

6.   Will all transmitters and receivers be „in a line of sight"?

 If not:

- how many of them?

- what is the barrier? (i.e. trees, buildings etc.)

- is there a point between, for retransmission, which „sees" transmitting and receiving point?

- is there a power supply?

For video transmission antennas have to be „in a line of sight". If not retransmission have to be considered.

Retransmitter is mounted on high object which „sees" transmitting & receiving point. Each retransmitter extends range the device works for.

If customer wants to use digital and analogue sets in one monitoring system, has to be informed about 2 very important things:

- digital and analogue sets can not be placed on one receiving mast. Masts have to be 5-7 meters away from each other

- digital sets CDS5021 have transmission deley up to 400ms, what can be inconvenient if you want to control high speed cameras


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