Help for CCTV installers

Installers who start working with wireless transmission systems, analogue or IP CCTV systems, sometimes make mistakes which effect the way system works. Below examples of common problems while installing wireless transmission systems.


1. Video loss - connect receiver to analogue monitor which doesn`t generate blue background. Change channel of work. Check or exchange power supply adaptor. Connect just one transmission set and check it`s work. Every next set should be started one by one.


2. Synchronization break off or video „natation" - one of most common reasons for that is using pulse power supply adaptors or adaptors with small electrical efficiency. In that case it has to be changed to stabilized transformer power supply adaptor or not pulse one.


3. Video „snowing" - distance of work is longer than estimated one. Add bigger dirrectional antenna which extends distance of work or change transmission set to one dedicated for that distance.

  • barrier between antennas - apply retransmission point (one more set).

 Caution: we loose one channel of work for retransmission


4. Horizontal stripes on video - disturbances from computer networks. When such disturbance appears installer should change channel of work, move receiving mast or change frequencyof work i.e. from 5.8GHz to 5.2Ghz.


5. Video deformed, crumpled - not very good quality pulse power supply adaptor was used

  • there is also a possibility that wires impendance doesn`t match or strenght of video signal is poor ( stick simultaneously impendance resistor 75Ω in signal wire or use corrective video amplifier)
  • very common mistake is using one power supply adaptor for wireless video transmitter and receiver in retransmission point


If custumer connects analogue and digitall transmission systems on one object, has to be informed about 2 very important things:

  • digital and analogue set can`t be installed on one receiving mast. They have to be 5-7 meters away from each other
  • digital sets CDS5021 have 400ms transmission deley what can be inconvenient while controlling high speed cameras

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