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4G / LTE outdoor industrial router for IP cameras with two PoE ports

2x LAN PoE4G/LTE4G/LTE transmitterFor IP camerasFor NVRGSMIP65LTE routerNLOSWi-Fi
"GlobalCAM4.5 2Poe" has the following features:
  • LTE/4G/3G – works with any SIM CARD from any European operator
  • 2 PoE ports for powering the IP cameras directly from the radio unit
  • Very easy and fast to start – it's enough to set up the two parameters
  • Smooth video transmission – uses 100% of LTE technology and provides 150Mb/s download and 50MB/s upload
  • Wi-Fi with a range of 50m for connection with Wi-Fi cameras
  • Many power options – 12V DC, 48V DC, PoE24V
  • IP65 – designed to outdoor work, with harsh weather conditions in mind
  • Linux takes care of the reliability of the entire transmission
  • Data transmission encryption, Firewall, access filtering, etc.
  • Very strong omnidirectional LTE antennas
  • 3 years of warranty with an option to extend to 5 years

iCAM-Tower PRO

Rapid deployment CCTV monitoring towers in the PRO version with their own year-round power supply

CCTVprotectionTowerWieża mobilna
  • Year-round solar power supply with a capacity of up to 1.35 kW
  • 0.4kW wind turbine - vertical operation with mast vibration damping
  • On wheels - wide wheelbase, ideal for uneven terrain, high tilt angles, and fast, safe movement
  • Rapid deployment controller for quick replacement of all electronics between towers - send only the controller for service, significantly reducing operating costs and trips
  • iCAM-OSD - displays the most important tower and power supply parameters on the image of two IP cameras - 12 key battery, power plant, and alarm parameters
  • iCAM-ECO which saves energy by turning off 95% of electronics in critical battery states, significantly extending protection with one active camera, microphone, and full SSWiN
  • Tower position change detection in 3 planes protects the tower even after complete battery discharge and still notifies about an alarm
  • SafeStar, Kronos - 100% compatibility with any security software
  • Tool-free, quick operation - mechanically inserted cameras for quick replacement between towers, solar and wind turbines without the use of keys - insert and secure with a lock.
  • Wireless PIR sensors with a range of 1000m - automatic PTZ camera approach to the detection area
  • Automatically generated audio warnings after intrusion detection - MP3 file played from a megaphone with a volume of over 120dB
  • Live audio warnings directly from a remote operator
  • Blue strobe light of the deterrent type POLICE that attracts more attention than blaring alarms
  • Green halogen lights 2x 110W modernly illuminating the area
  • 360 protection with PIR sensors with a range of 12m around the tower
  • Power supply according to programmed priorities and switching order :
    • From 230V - fast charging, and after 230V failure, seamless switching to solar power
    • Solar-wind power with a capacity of up to 1.35 kW + 0.4 kW
    • Fuel cells automatically charging batteries for up to 30 days on one tank
    • Battery - space for 4 batteries with a capacity of 200-220Ah
  • Intelligent IP cameras 4Mpix with color image at night, AI, WizSense, and Deep Learning
  • Local video recording for 90 days
  • Remote video recording over the Internet on an NVR connected to the network..
  • For the CCTV industry tower versions with the possibility of mounting your cameras and accessories


Rapid deployment tower CCTV for remote video monitoring of construction sites and photovoltaic farms

4G/LTEFast deployment poleGSMRemote surveillanceTowerTower CCTVVideo monitoringWi-Fi
  • Fast deployment system that is that light it can be carried by the two persons, or pallet jack, or HDS.
  • Retractable pole with cameras at a height of 4m or 5m.
  • 4 AI cameras with 4Mpix (double HD) resolution with automatic human detection, with an efficiency of up to 97% – they do not react to false alarms, animals, vehicles, and accidental traffic.
  • A rotating PTZ camera with a very large zoom reaching 200m from the tower.
  • Infrared night lighting working in complete darkness with a range of 30-50m around and 150m directionally with a PTZ camera.
  • Local and remote video recording that allows to store the evidence from 30-90 days.
  • Wireless video transmission (LTE / 4G / 3G / Wi-Fi) – smooth transmission from all cameras and recorder with the possibility of additional recording in the server room via the Internet.
  • Alarms with SMS – a safe, steel structure protected by a number of tamper sensors, position changes and GPS with SMS notification.
  • Motion detection in a 360° radius around and at least 6m from the tower with independent PIR sensors.
  • Wireless motion detection up to 500m further via iWirelessPIR and radio tower notifications – after such detection, the PTZ camera will approach the area in which the motion has been detected, saving the entire event (NOTE: PTZ camera observation range is up to 646m, recognition 323m, identification 161m, the license plate on almost the entire screen from 200m and event detection from a distance of 1613m).
  • Audio loudspeaker for a remote call or automatic warning message.
  • White LED lighting – automatically switching on in the event of alarm/tamper.
  • Power source:
    • Battery replaceable every 7-14 days (space for batteries: 3x 200Ah / 12V)
    • Year-round solar power up to 1000W (1kW) and wind turbine (300W)
    • From 230V AC (e.g. from an extension cord, aggregate) or from 12V DC (e.g. from a car, from batteries)
  • Battery voltage measurement every 5 seconds, with SMS notification about the need to replace or recharge.
  • Modular design for easy disassembly with the possibility of transporting a small delivery vehicle (separate battery compartment, mast, mast covers).
  • For distributors – version "BACK" for mounting your own cameras and NVR.

Series: iCAM-MobileHD II

A series of 4G/LTE mobile cameras with their own battery power, charged from any 230V street lamp

230V30 days recording4G/LTEakumulator 12-16hHD 1080IP66Na latarnię
  • Lightning-fast implementation – cities video monitoring on any lamppost. An electrical connection like Christmas decorations.
  • Remote observation of areas of investment – observation of construction sites and town investment areas.
  • Great tool for municipal police – wireless monitoring of landfills, dangerous crossroads, helps to fight against vandalism.
  • Safe mass events – the system will remotely observe any events in any location – distance to the central point of monitoring is not an issue.
  • Lightweight, compact construction – professional HD video monitoring that works with any VMS, has its own battery, features 4G/LTE transmission, 5GHz, fast installation, and SMS notifications.

iCAM-MobileHD II BACK – remote surveillance camera

Rapid deployment system without IP camera, charged from a 230V lantern

"BACK" - without a camera230V30 days recording4G/LTEakumulator 12-16hIP66Na latarnię
13 800,00 
  • Compatible with any IP camera – among others with cameras of brands such as Hikvision, Dahua, Bosch, Axis, Avigilon, UNV, Samsung.
  • Vandal-resistant construction made from duralumin – protects the device against damage, and thanks to the IP66 protection class iCAM-Mobile II BACK is resistant to weather conditions.
  • Internal video recording – storage of 30 days of recordings thanks to the built-in 1TB memory.
  • Very fast implementation – video city monitoring on any street lighting lantern.

iCAM-MiniHD II – mobile camera system

Powerful remote video monitoring capabilities at a low price.

230V4G/LTEHD 1080IP66
  • Powered directly from 100-230V AC – access to 230V power supply is enough to create a professional monitoring point.
  • 10 days of recording on the camera's SD card – additional local recording of images on SD cards in the IP camera itself; capacity and functionality depend on the IP camera used.
  • Compact, lightweight construction – solid steel construction protecting electronics.
  • Lightning-fast installation


Fast deployment 4G / LTE unit with battery adapted for mounting any IP camera - it is enough to plug 230V

"BACK" - without a camera230V4G/LTEBattery 4-6hIP66
4 780,00 
  • Your IP camera + iCAM-Mini II BACK = fast deployment, compact, wireless point of video monitoring
  • Any IP camera - the same CCTV system as iCAM-Mini II but does not contain an IP camera - yet, it is adapted to any IP camera of any manufacturer.
  • Compact and lightweight construction - solid steel construction electronics that manages:
    • battery,
    • automatical charging and powering from 230V,
    • 4G/LTE connection with 2 SIM cards,
    • security and controls systems,
    • displaying the most important parameters on the camera's image (OSD),
    • "MASS EVENTS" option that provides smooth 4G/LTE transmission in the vicinity of thousands of mobile phones.
  • 100% compatible - if your IP camera works with VMS/NVR then it will work identically with iCAM-Mini II BACK. Compatibility depends on the camera and VMS itself. iCAM is completely transparent and ensures 100% compatibility with any IP camera.


Set for wireless video transmission from analog CVI/TVI/AHD cameras up to 2Mpix

5.8GHz500m rangeAHD/CVI/TVIIP66
  • Full HD for the price of PAL - we created CAM-Analog2.0 by adding FullHD to TCO-5807h
  • TVI (TurboHD), CVI and AHD - compatible with every analog camera standard with a resolution of up to 2Mpix.
  • Large wireless range - up to 500 meters of LOS video transmission range.
  • 2 EU work channels working in the European 5.8 GHz band
  • Additional 6 channels work available in other countries
  • Analogue FM broadcast in real time
  • Solid BNC video ports on the transmitter and receiver
  • Waterproof design with IP66 protection
  • Compatible with all analog cameras FullHD 2Mpix - 4in1, CVBS, AHD, CVI, TVI.
  • Several sets on one installation - the possibility of running 2 sets side by side in Europe on 2 separate work channels
  • One set transmits one video image, i.e. you need 3 CAM-Analog2.0 sets for 3 cameras
  • CAM-Analog2.0 is a set containing transmitter and receiver


Special LTE mobile camera with its own battery power supply for 3 days

10 days recording4G/LTEbattery 72hdoes not need the power supplyHD 1080IP66
  • Unlimited wireless range – with 4G/LTE technology.
  • It does not even need power – the system is equipped with a powerful battery sufficient for 3 days of work with an HD camera.
  • Operating parameters on the OSD camera screen - displays the most important parameters directly on the camera image, e.g. battery voltage and percentage, alarm and events, LTE signal strength,
  • Quick and easy assembly even without the help of professional installers - the whole process involves inserting the camera into the quick mechanical slide-in socket, locking with a padlock and turning the key to turn on the power
  • GPS location - notifying the operator about leaving the assembly area


Fast deployment system - 100% wireless

"BACK" - without a camera10 days recording4G/LTEbattery 72hdoes not need the power supplyIP66
14 800,00 
  • Compatible with any IP camera – among others with cameras of brands such as: Hikvision, Dahua, Bosch, Axis, Avigilon, UNV, Samsung.
  • 128GB of memory – allows recording 7-10 days of videos.
  • Equipped with a light battery - enough to work for three days; the possibility of extension to 6-9 days.
  • Charger included in the set

CDS-6IP 3PoE (New 2020)

Wireless system for IP cameras with 3 PoE ports and 63000k Bitrate

16 channels2 km range3PoE4k5GHzIP65
The latest wireless module for IP cameras is:
  • 3 PoE+ ports they supply 3 IP cameras directly from the radio module
  • 90W current efficiency with 48V/2A power supply
  • 63Mbps bandwidth - the sum of the bitrates of all video streams
  • 2km range radio LOS (with optical visibility of antennas)
  • 16 IP cameras wirelessly - transmits streams from up to 16 IP cameras
  • Radio Point-to-Point bridge. You will connect two CCTV installations using two radio units from the CDS-6IP family
  • Point-to-Multipoint - with one receiver you will receive streams from up to eight transmitters
  • Multiple power options - Each unit can be powered from:
    • PoE switch (802.3at/af) and from a passive or active PoE power supply
    • 48V DC and 12-24V DC
  • iCAMSAT-OS without loss of image frames - HD and 4k image streams are a continuous transfer of huge amounts of images. Special video standards iCAMSAT-OS ensure the continuous transmission of HD images without loss of image frames.
  • Very easy settings - you will start the system by setting only 2 parameters
  • Compatible with any wireless module of the CDS-6IP family

CDS-6IP eco (v2020)

Wireless system monitoring for IP cameras HD and UHD 5,4-5,8 GHz

16 channels2 km range3 years of guarantee.Cameras up to 63M bitrateIP55up to 16Mpix
  • 2 x LAN port
  • Range 2km LOS
  • 20-60M bitrate - total bitrate of all transmitted cameras - depends on the distance
  • Powered from 12V making it compatible with standard CCTV power supplies and buffer power supplies with a battery.
  • iCAMSAT-OS without frame loss – HD and 4K image streams are a continuous transfer of massive amounts of images. Special iCAMSAT-OS video protocols ensure the continuous transmission of HD images without loss of image frames.
  • Double Antenna - built-in
  • Easy configuration – the system requires only two parameters to be set up for a radio connection.
  • Remote Preview - the device allows you to preview the signal and image on the screen of a smartphone or tablet.
  • Compatible with each wireless module of the CDS-6IP family
  • 16 video bridges on one installation - it is possible to run up to 16 radio bridges side by side on 16 separate work channels
  • One video bridge transmits many images from multiple cameras, i.e. you need only two CDS-6IP eco units to handle 8 cameras with switch
  • One receiver can be paired with up to 8 transmitters and you can connect several cameras to each transmitter.
  • Transmission of 16 cameras with one radio bridge - number of cameras depends on the sum of their bitrate and on the radio distance. The CAMSAT calculator and diagrams will help you to select the devices.