Construction site monitoring

A construction site is a particularly difficult place to secure due to the difficult installation or the lack of the possibility of connecting and supplying standard monitoring. At the same time, ensuring monitoring is an extremely important subject both for the safety of employees and for the need to secure valuable building materials.

To secure such terrain, an ideal solution is the iCAM-MobileHD wireless system, which is an independent and self-sufficient device that fulfills the required functions. The installation of the device does not require any additional installations and takes only 3 minutes. Just place the camera on a pole or wall using the attached bracket and connect to the power supply.

Option 1: iConstruction-CAM – camera for quick commissioning

Mobile cameras from the iConstruction-CAM series that can be moved quickly to a new location or a new construction site. The installation means only inserting the plug into the 230V socket and hanging the device high on the pole, lantern or wall.

The preview from the camera is completely wireless and possible from any place in the world via the LTE connection. It works with any sim card for LTE access.

The camera has the ability to remotely rotate PTZ and make very large optical zoom (zoom x 25) up to 200m which allows monitoring of a very large area with just one camera. The system is used on many important construction projects with image transmission to any office or home.

Images from all cameras, eg distributed around the country, can be picked up using the iCAM-TVRec with HDMI output and displayed on your own TV.

Option 2. GlobalCAM-LTE for construction sites

A set for quick launch of monitoring on construction sites and easy transfer to another location.

The GlobalCAM-LTE wireless transmitter allows you to connect up to 3 IP cameras and view these cameras from anywhere in the world. Smooth HD video, fast and stable PTZ control and zoom are just some of the features to monitor areas from remote locations. It is enough to power only the GlobalCAM-LTE transmitter and the cameras will be powered directly from the transmitter. The image will always be sent automatically to your computer or displayed on TV.

By ordering GlobalCAM-LTE with the SIM card you will receive from us the entire set fully launched, which you just need to plug into the 230V socket and images from around the country will appear in your office.


Option 3. X-CAM II + GlobalCAM-LTE

A set for quick launching of larger monitoring on construction sites with the possibility of moving without the special knowledge.

All powered from one 230V socket, eg. from an extension cord. You need only to connect any IP cameras and the image will appear in your office where you can register it and control PTZ cameras.

More technical information will be provided by the CAMSAT technical advisor.


Below are examples of wireless construction monitoring configurations

Monitoring of construction and investment areas will guarantee:

• A decrease in the amount of theft of equipment or building materials

• Decrease in acts of vandalism and material damage

• Better control over deliveries of building materials

• ONLINE control of the location of construction equipment

• Monitoring of duties performed by employees

• Proof material on demand in digital form – that is easy to process and transmit.

• Remote HD viewing from the office, home or on vacation – always smoothly and with the ability to control PTZ

Only the highest quality

Remember that CCTV monitoring must work always 24/7 and in all conditions. Do not take any risks, select specialists and tested equipment. CAMSAT wireless systems work in almost 30 countries around the world and have trusted us, among others security institutions and the army. For more information contact CAMSAT technical advisor or take advantage of 24/7 technical support.