Mobile cameras for the army

Monitoring and security of military areas is a difficult task, requiring specialized equipment with parameters enabling high flexibility of applications. The product dedicated to such projects is the iCAM-MobileHD camera for monitoring various types of objects: posts, squares, vehicles, room entrances, etc.

It can be used both for constant monitoring of objects and used temporarily, e.g. during exercises at training grounds, etc. It is a mobile camera, powered by a battery and voltage from a 230V network. Depending on the option selected, the camera used in the device can be adapted for use during the day and thanks to the use of night vision technology, also at night, and the installation and commissioning of the camera does not take more than 3 minutes.

The use of image transmission using the LTE network gives the possibility of unlimited preview and checking the status of observed objects in real time. The HD image from the camera is recorded and stored in the internal memory for 30-90 days and can be used e.g. as evidence in a possible case or as training material.

Installation and commissioning of the iCAM mobile camera

Video monitoring of the city
without projects and without permits in 2 days