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iCAM-Magnetic STAND

Strong magnetic tripod for the car roof.

for carfor CCTV camerasgripmagnetic tripodtripod
3 460,00 
  • Very strong magnetic tripod - is a very strong magnetic tripod, which allows mounting CCTV systems from the iCAM and iConstruction-CAM series on the roof of almost every car. With this functionality, mobile cameras can be used in any location requiring temporary observation.
  • Very strong - magnets in rubber cover ensure stable assembly and work safety.
  • Special magnets - will adapt automatically to any surface shape. The tripod is perfect for any type of vehicle with a steel body.
  • Rapid installation on almost any car or steel surface. It may be mounted by one person efficiently.
  • iCAM-Magnetic STAND for safety has been equipped with very strong magnets with adjustable pressure depending on the needs and current load. System can be used with very heavy PTZ cameras.

iConstruction-CAM Truck

iConstruction-CAM Truck is a specialized kit adapted for mounting on construction vehicles

4G/LTEfor carHD 1080IP66
  • High-quality video in HD 1080p resolution.
  • Video recording up to 10 days back thanks to the built-in 128GB memory.
  • Adapted to work in difficult conditions - effortless operation when mounted on cranes, overhead cranes and other construction machinery and vehicles due to vibration and interference resistance.
  • Resistant to harsh weather conditions - working temperature from -20°C to 55°C with IP66 protection class.