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iConstruction-CAM TRUCK II

Magnetic camera for heavy construction vehicles - 4G/LTE

14 days of internal recording4G/LTE4MPixconstruction camerafor cranesfor excavatorsIP66magnets
  • 100% wireless - 4G/LTE transmission of HD 25fps video live to any place in the world
  • WiFi - for configuring the device, and for local download of multiple recordings and simultaneously
  • Very high video resolution 2560×1440pix - it's twice as HD
  • 14 days of recording in the camera and possibility to use any recorder from CCTV cameras via the Internet, e.g. in the office, in the server room
  • 16 IP cameras wirelessly - transmits signals from up to 16 IP cameras
  • 12V and 24V power supply with protection against deep battery discharge in the vehicle
  • Optional magnetic mounts - very strong magnets for "sticking" the camera to any steel surface
  • Very strong construction and IP66
  • Optional batteries magnet mounted or bolted to the vehicle
    • to the crane hook
    • to the container
    • on the roof or on the side of the vehicle
    • to the arm of the excavator
    • on the crane...
    • employees and immediate surroundings
    • against fuel theft and devastation
    • live view of the work progress
    • monitors work time and report vehicle engine off/on (via email / SMS)
    • at night, park other construction vehicles around, and monitor them all
    • protects the rear of semi-trailers...