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Fast deployment 4G / LTE unit with battery adapted for mounting any IP camera - it is enough to plug 230V

"BACK" - without a camera230V4G/LTEBattery 4-6hIP66
4 780,00 
  • Your IP camera + iCAM-Mini II BACK = fast deployment, compact, wireless point of video monitoring
  • Any IP camera - the same CCTV system as iCAM-Mini II but does not contain an IP camera - yet, it is adapted to any IP camera of any manufacturer.
  • Compact and lightweight construction - solid steel construction electronics that manages:
    • battery,
    • automatical charging and powering from 230V,
    • 4G/LTE connection with 2 SIM cards,
    • security and controls systems,
    • displaying the most important parameters on the camera's image (OSD),
    • "MASS EVENTS" option that provides smooth 4G/LTE transmission in the vicinity of thousands of mobile phones.
  • 100% compatible - if your IP camera works with VMS/NVR then it will work identically with iCAM-Mini II BACK. Compatibility depends on the camera and VMS itself. iCAM is completely transparent and ensures 100% compatibility with any IP camera.


Fast deployment system - 100% wireless

"BACK" - without a camera10 days recording4G/LTEbattery 72hdoes not need the power supplyIP66
14 800,00 
  • Compatible with any IP camera – among others with cameras of brands such as: Hikvision, Dahua, Bosch, Axis, Avigilon, UNV, Samsung.
  • 128GB of memory – allows recording 7-10 days of videos.
  • Equipped with a light battery - enough to work for three days; the possibility of extension to 6-9 days.
  • Charger included in the set

iConstruction-CAM BACK

Fast deployment remote video monitoring point compatible with any IP camera - main unit, without the camera

"BACK" - without a camera230V4G/LTEBattery 4-6hIP66
3 998,00 
  • Fast deployment CCTV unit for IP cameras, with LTE and unlimited range - using the 4G/LTE technology, it is possible to smoothly watch video online from anywhere in the world via the Internet.
  • Mounting for any IP camera, fixed or PTZ - universal mechanical socket for rotary and fixed cameras.
  • LAN Port - additional LAN socket for second IP camera.
  • Smooth video and PTZ controls - the embedded system transmits a smooth video and allows remote PTZ control over a 4G/LTE GSM network with minimal signal delay.
  • Lightning-fast installation - by sliding the device into a special mechanical socket; secured from removal by a padlock.
  • Vandal-resistant construction made from Duralumin, with tightness IP66.


Video monitoring of any bird's nest

230V4G/LTEbattery 16hIP66monitoring of bird nests
  • iCAM-Eagle's is a system specially designed for completely wireless video monitoring of bird nests.
  • The special, lightweight, adjustable camera arm allows mounting on almost any pole construction and adjusting the camera position to a specific nest.
  • Very quiet rotary camera with zoom function - the camera's work is non-intrusive for birds, and allows accurate observation of the nest with deep close-ups.
  • Video on any website, even for 10,000 viewers at a time.

iConstruction-CAM TimeLapse

Fast deployment LTE system for time-lapse recording and observation of work progress.

10 days recording230V4G/LTE4k4MPixBattery 4-6hHD 1080
5 480,00 
  • Record time-lapse materials - observe construction works at an accelerated pace, e.g. "365 days of construction in 2 minutes".
  • Easy to use - just set the system to enable recording and ready to receive the material.
  • Universal functionalities - iConstruction-CAM allows both live image preview and saving videos on a remote server.
  • Emergency battery supply - temporary loss of power at the construction site does not interrupt the camera's work.


Wireless transmitter for IP cameras with unlimited coverage and no optical visibility (NLOS).

3x LAN4G/LTEIP65NLOSSIMunlimited range
1 890,00 
  • Transmitter for three IP cameras – wireless, with almost unlimited range.
  • Transparent transmission – all signals from IP cameras via the GSM LTE.
  • Video recording – using any network recorder NVR.
  • Online image archive - as well as full access to the archive of the connected DVR/NVR - from anywhere in the world.

simCAM – SIM card with LTE

A specialized SIM card for CCTV cameras without data limits and with a fixed IP address.

4G/LTEFor CCTVFull LTE speedno data limitpermanent ip address
  • Sim card without limits - no speed limits and the amount of data.
  • Access from outside - e.g. remote camera handling identical to wired solutions.
  • External services - allows you to launch external services, e.g. redirections
  • Full internet access - with maximum LTE speed.
  • Fixed ip address - allows simple and quick login in a web browser or live view application.

iConstruction-CAM Truck

iConstruction-CAM Truck is a specialized kit adapted for mounting on construction vehicles

10 days recording4G/LTEfor carHD 1080IP66
  • High-quality video in HD 1080p resolution.
  • Video recording up to 10 days back thanks to the built-in 128GB memory.
  • Adapted to work in difficult conditions - effortless operation when mounted on cranes, overhead cranes and other construction machinery and vehicles due to vibration and interference resistance.
  • Resistant to harsh weather conditions - working temperature from -20°C to 55°C with IP66 protection class.