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iConstruction-CAM x25

Remote construction site supervision from any place in the world - observation 360° in range over 200m

10 days recording230V4G/LTEBattery 4-6hHD 1080Obracana 360°Zoom 200m
6 690,00 
  • LTE camera with limitless range – thanks to 4G/LTE technology it is possible to view a video online from anywhere, via Internet
  • PTZ 360 and optical zoom in 100m range allows checking every corner on a construction site
  • Smooth HD video and a PTZ controls – the system transmits a smooth HD video and allows to control PTZ remotely with minimal delay via 4G/LTE GSM
  • Livestreaming on a computer, smartphone, and TV in your office – you can watch a video from the cameras set up all over the country on any computer, smartphone, NVR recorder or HDMI receiver – iCAM-TVRec.
  • Automatic images archiving – up to 10 days back, thanks to built-in memory