The mobile camera system iCAM-Mobile issued fines for very large amounts of money for dangerous behavior of drivers.

The iCAM-Mobile rapid deployment camera by CAMSAT identified the perpetrators of dangerous behavior of drivers in Radom (Poland)”.

The CAMSAT rapid deployment camera and iCAM-Mobile camera were used by the police in Radom to record cases of intentional vehicle skidding by three drivers. Thanks to the recordings made by the iCAM-MobileHD II monitoring system, officers from the 1st Radom Police Station were able to identify the perpetrators of these offenses. The young drivers had their driving licenses revoked and the police forwarded requests for punishment to the court. The Radom District Court fined the “drifters” 2,500 PLN each and imposed a 6-month driving ban. The owner of the third vehicle involved in the offense was fined 5,000 PLN by officers from the Prevention Department of the Radom Municipal Police for not providing the driver’s information. The police in Radom also monitor places where illegal car races and drifting often occur, posing a danger to road users and disturbing the peace of nearby residents.

Radom Police video surveillance
Radom Police video surveillance

What is the iCAM-Mobile?

CAM-MobileHD II, also known as the “Rapid Deployment Camera on a Lamp Post”, is an innovative rapid deployment camera system created by Polish engineers from CAMSAT. It is the second edition of the popular system, which enables fast and wireless monitoring of various areas without the need for infrastructure or permits.

iCAM-MobileHD II is compatible with various city monitoring systems, such as Bosch VMS, Hikvision, or Novus. The camera can be powered and charged from a lamp post, enabling it to monitor the area 24/7. The camera’s image is of the highest quality and can be accessed from anywhere in the country. Each camera has memory, making it possible to archive recordings from 30 to 90 days ago.

iCAM-MobileHD II is an excellent solution for municipalities that want to implement area monitoring within a few days without the need for projects or permits. This camera can also be used to monitor illegal dumping sites – just mount it 300 meters away and record everything and everyone from a great distance.

iCAM-MobileHD II is characterized by lightning-fast installation – just screw the mounting socket to the lamppost or facade and insert the camera into the socket. The camera can even be mounted by a person with no technical experience. CAMSAT also provides 24/7 technical support.

The camera also has WiFi and 5 GHz radio line, enabling fast downloading of recorded materials.

The smallest camera in the world with a grain size of sand

The smallest camera in the world has the size of a grain of sand.

40,000 pixels and size 0.65 x 0.65 x 1.158 mm. The developed camera is not a prototype, but a finished product. Its authors admit that it will have a significant impact on medical imaging from within organisms. The new matrix was on the list of Guinness records for “the smallest image sensor available in commercial sales”.

The smallest camera in the world and a grain of pepper. Fig. and info OmniVision

Mobile camera with high speed head

The film presents the new CAMSAT mobile camera with Avigilon high-speed head.

iCAM Pro mobile cameras

Mobile, wireless monitoring systems.

Quick installation of iCAM Pro cameras

The film presents the process of quick assembly of the iCAM-Mobile II HD camera from the iCAM Pro series.

3 cameras with battery backup see more feel safe

We present the latest model of our mobile camera, in which we used not one, but three cameras. Thanks to this, constant and detailed observation of three places is possible at the same time with the use of only one device. iCAM-MiniHD II Triplex has built-in emergency power supply, so cameras can work even in the event of a temporary power outage.

iCAM-MiniHD II Triplex includes:

– 3 fixed cameras

– emergency power supply for about 4 hours

– internal recording of video image for about 7 days

– LTE connection

– remote access to the preview, recordings and settings of the camera


CAMSAT offers also iCAM-MiniHD II Duplex model with a PTZ camera and two fixed cameras

iConstruction-CAM – remote monitoring system for construction sites

Access to preview and control cameras from anywhere in the country and abroad

The iConstruction-CAM device provides remote camera management via the LTE network. The x25 zoom camera allows detailed and precise observation of places particularly vulnerable to failures or key to the implementation of the project. As a result, people managing several construction sites in remote locations can limit delegations and departures to a minimum.

Constant monitoring even in case of a power outage

iConstruction-CAM is equipped with an emergency power supply module that ensures uninterrupted operation for 4-6 hours, even in case of failure and temporary power outage.

Observation of the area within a radius of 200m (day and night)

The parameters of the camera have a number of functions allowing for detailed observation of large area and identification of people, eg detection of motion in an unacceptable area with automatic approximation for precise identification, automatic terrain scanning 360 degrees etc. Thanks to night-time IR provide monitoring both during the day and at night.

Controlling the camera settings is possible from any device with access to the Internet – iOS / Android phone, MAC / PC computer, recorder in the office, on TV.

Full HD content registration

iConstruction-CAM has on board / inside the ability to store very high quality recordings inside the device. The video can also be saved to an external drive or server via the built-in LTE transmission.

Easy change of device location

iConstruction-CAM is a standalone device equipped with a special grip allowing for very quick assembly in any place and allowing frequent changes of location. Such a mobile solution makes it easier to implementation of subsequent construction stages, e.g.

  • another section of the highway or road
  • a building that is already obscuring monitoring,
  • need to monitor a new construction fragment
  • or monitoring expensive machinery or landfills of expensive building materials
  • Protection of stored construction materials in winter


The iConstruction-CAM camera is an excellent tool for securing building materials during the winter. During a break in construction works, your area will be automatically scanned and supervised.

budowa 1 iConstruction  budowa 2


ICAM mobile cameras at Opener 2018

opener en

Open’er Festival 2018 – CAMSAT mobile cameras have worked successfully in very heavily disturbed terrain with over 100,000 mobile phones!

• 4 mobile cameras from the iCAM series

• 140,000 people

• over 100,000 GSM mobile phones

• Monitoring center that manages cameras via the Internet

• Remote control of motion of PTZ cameras and real-time image preview by 4G / LTE

• Quick installation of the monitoring point in a few minutes


This is how the work of our mobile cameras looked like in very difficult conditions at this year’s Open’er Festival 2018



100,000 GSM cellphone users did not interfere with LTE wireless transmission from iCAM-MobileHD and iCAM-PowerHD cameras.

Together with the FORT security company, we monitored the entire festival area with the help of several iCAM mobile cameras equipped with heads with a very large zoom, reaching over 300m. As a result, the company’s employees could remotely monitor the vast area of the festival. Ensuring safety during an event of this scale requires exceptional security measures. Mobile cameras were mounted in the center of a large stage (Orange stage), in a remote area for VIP and on a mobile car to ensure full monitoring of key locations. One of the cameras was also located on the tower of the airport, 500m away and thanks to its large zoom, it was possible to observe the whole area of the festival from a very long distance.

The biggest challenge was monitoring in the evening conditions in front of the stage where security is especially important. Mobile camera with its own power supply iCAM-PowerHD equipped with a laser infrared illuminator monitored tens of thousands of participants from the construction of the central FOH tent.

Our mobile camera systems for instant implementation ensure:

• Smooth HD video transmission and PTZ control via 4G / LTE connection

• Uninterrupted operation of the device even after hours of power failures and disturbances

• Stable LTE transmission despite numerous users of GSM phones

• Quick assembly and commissioning and quick transfer to a new location


Install your own IP camera in our iCAM system and create your own, instant CCTV monitoring.

A new municipal safety level

A new level of municipal security: iCAM-MobileHD 2

  •  Own power supply for more than 3 days
  •  LTE: PTZ remote control, preview and recording of HD images
  •  Anti-theft system and geolocation
  •  Internal registration up to 90 days
  •  Optical zoom over 250m (x25 or x30)
  •  IR night vision at 150m
  •  Compatible with VMS Milestone, Bosch, QNAP and many more
  •  Remote image preview possible even on TV with HDMI

… there is a lot of options

for more information, please contact our CAMSAT technical support


In order to test the capabilities of the iCAM system, we provide a remote connection to the test camera. The test camera is connected using the GSM iCAM-LTE wireless system

Contact the sales department and you will receive login details.

We also provide HD images  for display on the website.

In case the test camera is running, the image will be displayed below.

Parameters of the current iCAM camera: HD resolution, transmission link: LTE (iCAM-LTE), IR100m night light, zoom x20