New wireless signal transmission system for professionals in multimedia sector.

Bezprzewodowy transmiter obrazu w rozdzielczości HD

Black Link HD5 is a new modern solution fulfilling expectations of the most demanding professionals in TV sector. Enables sending the image in high resolutions (from 720i/25 to 1080p/60), without compression and with no latency. Now due to new functions live relations from important, exciting events can be transmitted in HD quality to many receivers at one time.

Wireless transmission with no latency and no compression

Distinguish yourself and show details unavailable for others. Mass events, cultural, political or sport relations will become accesible for wide group of viewers in front of TV screens or telebims. Black Link HD5 ensures even finer signal quality in HD resolution in real time (almost zero latency). The image is sent without compression, which prevent from quality loss. The signal reaches the receiver without delay (<1ms).

Transmisja do wozu transmisyjnego

Reach High , Reach further

Black Link HD5 has coverage increased up to 600m. Camera operator can now move freely around a large area withour need of using cables, which opens new possibilities (relations from whole pitch and stands, from scene, racing way, or even from center of political gatherings or crash sites). System allows to send the signal from transmitter on camera carried by operator, but also placed on moving vehicles or flying drones.

Bezprzewodowe przesyłanie obrazu Full HD

Bidirectional communication

Devices have built-in RS-485 signal sending system that can be used for e.g.: remote camera parameters setting, communication with director, etc. Actions that earlier demanding cable connection are now much easier to execute. It opens wide possibilities in pursuing the programs in studio or at the shooting plan.

  • Lossless full HD video transmission without any compression
  • HD-SDI and HDMI interfaces
  • Maximum range of 600 m (LOS)
  • Supported resolution range from 720i/25 to 1080i/60
  • Near-zero transmission latency
  • Free 5 GHz operating band
  • V-Lock and Anton Bauer* mounting
Basic parameters

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