The CAMSAT company based in Solec Kujawski at Ogrodowa 2a street, as the supplier of the device, later called the Guarantor, guarantees the quality of the device to the Buyer on the following terms:

Warranty Policy:

  • all products offered on the website and in the price lists are brand new, free from physical and legal defects – unless otherwise and clearly described on the product page in a visible place
  • territorial coverage of the warranty: Worldwide
  • the warranty period is counted from the date of sale of the device, while the period for which the warranty is granted is included in the warranty card of each device
  • when complaining about the device, the buyer undertakes to complete the RMA document, available on the Guarantor’s website
  • the buyer delivers the faulty device to the Guarantor in the original or replacement packaging, in the absence of the original packaging, the risk of damage to the device during transport is borne by the Buyer.
  • a device with a defect found by the Buyer will be tested by the Guarantor to detect and confirm the defect
  • – if all the conditions set out in this declaration are met, the Guarantor undertakes to repair or replace the damaged device free of charge within a period which depends on the service activity and usually does not exceed 1-2 weeks from the moment the device is accepted by the service
  • – liability under the warranty covers only defects resulting from reasons inherent in the sold item

The warranty does not cover:

  • defects resulting from storage, transport or use of the device in a manner inconsistent with the operating instructions
  • defects caused by exposing the Device to mechanical injuries and shocks
  • damage resulting from use with other devices that do not meet the conditions specified in the technical specification of the device
  • defects resulting from the influence of external chemical, thermal or electrical factors (overvoltages)
  • devices sent by the Buyer to the Guarantor’s service after the warranty period has expired (the date of the postmark or the consignment note is decisive)
  • damage resulting from flooding the device with liquid or other contamination of the device

The buyer loses the warranty rights in case of:

  • opening the casing of the device or carrying out any repair or modification of the device
  • finding breach, damage, breaking of seals and / or serial numbers or covering them in a way that prevents their identification
  • expiration of the warranty period

The device guarantor has made every effort to ensure that the device and any software delivered with it are of the highest quality, but is not responsible:

  • for data and software lost as a result of the disclosure of defects
  • for the costs of data restoration and software reinstallation and / or re-purchase or license acquisition incurred by the Buyer
  • for damages and lost profits resulting from the necessity to repair the device
  • for the Purchaser’s damage resulting from the delay in the warranty repair of the device

By purchasing the device, the buyer agrees with the terms of this warranty statement.

Camsat 2020