Where to buy

Buying CAMSAT products is easy. Our company, in cooperation with partners from over 24 countries, provides leading solutions to clients in almost all of Europe. Our indirect sales model means that at every stage – from distribution to mounting – we work with specialists, providing the best solutions to our customers.

We provide technical support at every stage, from the selection of appropriate parameters to configuration and full activation of 100% of the functions of each product.

We are specialists in the wireless signal transmission industry. We work closely with industry leaders to create unlimited opportunities for our business partners.

Our products are available from many CCTV providers in Poland and Europe, who will help in the selection and delivery of appropriate solutions for your installation.

Contact CAMSAT sales department and you will receive technical support, then contact your nearest CCTV distributor with our products.

tel. +48 52 387 3685; ext. 21

tel. +48 690 626 213


CAMSAT products are available in more than 20 countries around the world. Contact us and we will direct you to the nearest distributor in your country.