Remote video monitoring of costructions sites – tools for managers – iConstructionCAM

The most popular camera for remote observation of construction works is the iConstructionCAM X25 rotary camera which can be remotely controlled live and is capable of zooming up to a distance of 200m from the camera.

Camsat cameras - how to observe construction sites

With this function, company managers can check the quality of work performed, materials used and compliance with the project sitting in an office in another city. Below are some of the most important information about our iConstruction-CAM systems.

iConstructionCAM Duplex – features:

From anywhere in the world it is possible to check – live and from recordings:

  • quality and timeliness of work
  • materials used
  • conformity with the project
  • scope of work done

Additionally, you can:

  • document with photos and video recordings key construction works, e.g. reinforcement, steel used, concreting and other important tasks
  • watching all work live within 200m of the camera
  • protection of the area during the day and at night – night laser illuminator with a range of 150m not visible to the human eye
  • easily re-use the same camera at new construction site

The system is very easy to install:

  • iConstruction-CAM uses special slide-in mechanical socket,
  • it’s enough to plug the 230V cable to start the camera

Live view from all cameras:

    • on the smartphone and tablet
    • on the coputer and laptop
    • on the TV in your office
    • on the website
    • on any CCTV NVR recorder

See how construction company managers supervise their subcontractors:

“The camera that is on the construction site 400km away is operated identically as if it were connected by a cable”


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iConstruction-CAM TRUCK II

Magnetic camera for heavy construction vehicles - 4G/LTE

14 days of internal recording4G/LTE4MPixconstruction camerafor cranesfor excavatorsIP66magnets

iConstruction-CAM Triplex (3x FullHD)

Remote supervising of construction site, from anywhere - observation within 270° with 30m IR

10 days recording230V4G/LTEBattery 4-6hHD 1080Zoom 30m

iConstruction-CAM Duplex

Remote construction site supervision from any place in the world - observation 360° in range over 100m

10 days recording230V4G/LTEBattery 4-6hHD 1080Obracana 360°zoom 100m

iConstruction-CAM x25

Remote construction site supervision from any place in the world - observation 360° in range over 200m

10 days recording230V4G/LTEBattery 4-6hHD 1080Obracana 360°Zoom 200m

iConstruction-CAM x15

Remote supervising of construction site from anywhere

10 days recording230V4G/LTEBattery 4-6hHD 1080Obracana 360°zoom 100m

iConstruction-CAM BACK

Fast deployment remote video monitoring point compatible with any IP camera - main unit, without the camera

"BACK" - without a camera230V4G/LTEBattery 4-6hIP66

iConstruction-CAM TimeLapse

Fast deployment LTE system for time-lapse recording and observation of work progress.

10 days recording230V4G/LTE4k4MPixBattery 4-6hHD 1080

simCAM – SIM card with LTE

A specialized SIM card for CCTV cameras without data limits and with a fixed IP address.

4G/LTEFor CCTVFull LTE speedno data limitpermanent ip address

iConstruction-CAM Truck

iConstruction-CAM Truck is a specialized kit adapted for mounting on construction vehicles

10 days recording4G/LTEfor carHD 1080IP66