The more detailed the data is provided, the faster it will be processed.
    Please provide a full description of the fault and a description of the start-up attempts.
    In order to determine the warranty period, please attach proof of purchase and, if applicable, a warranty extension document and / or other evidence of the conclusion of agreements extending the warranty period.
    Please send us the defective product without accessories.
    In the Description field, please enter the invoice number and the date of purchase.
    After processing the customer’s request, we will send you a confirmation with instructions on how to proceed.

    For more information, please contact the CAMSAT Service

    The complaint should contain:

    1. Name and surname of the person submitting the complaint.
    2. Company name and address.
    3. A contact telephone number for the claimant.
    4. E-mail address of the person submitting the complaint.
    5. List of devices submitted to RMA.
    6. Presentation of damages, symptoms and circumstances justifying the complaint.


    Camsat responds to the complaint within 14 days from the date of its submission.

    Warranty Statement