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iCAM-Tower PRO

Rapid deployment CCTV monitoring towers in the PRO version with their own year-round power supply

CCTVprotectionTowerWieża mobilna
  • Year-round solar power supply with a capacity of up to 1.35 kW
  • 0.4kW wind turbine - vertical operation with mast vibration damping
  • On wheels - wide wheelbase, ideal for uneven terrain, high tilt angles, and fast, safe movement
  • Rapid deployment controller for quick replacement of all electronics between towers - send only the controller for service, significantly reducing operating costs and trips
  • iCAM-OSD - displays the most important tower and power supply parameters on the image of two IP cameras - 12 key battery, power plant, and alarm parameters
  • iCAM-ECO which saves energy by turning off 95% of electronics in critical battery states, significantly extending protection with one active camera, microphone, and full SSWiN
  • Tower position change detection in 3 planes protects the tower even after complete battery discharge and still notifies about an alarm
  • SafeStar, Kronos - 100% compatibility with any security software
  • Tool-free, quick operation - mechanically inserted cameras for quick replacement between towers, solar and wind turbines without the use of keys - insert and secure with a lock.
  • Wireless PIR sensors with a range of 1000m - automatic PTZ camera approach to the detection area
  • Automatically generated audio warnings after intrusion detection - MP3 file played from a megaphone with a volume of over 120dB
  • Live audio warnings directly from a remote operator
  • Blue strobe light of the deterrent type POLICE that attracts more attention than blaring alarms
  • Green halogen lights 2x 110W modernly illuminating the area
  • 360 protection with PIR sensors with a range of 12m around the tower
  • Power supply according to programmed priorities and switching order :
    • From 230V - fast charging, and after 230V failure, seamless switching to solar power
    • Solar-wind power with a capacity of up to 1.35 kW + 0.4 kW
    • Fuel cells automatically charging batteries for up to 30 days on one tank
    • Battery - space for 4 batteries with a capacity of 200-220Ah
  • Intelligent IP cameras 4Mpix with color image at night, AI, WizSense, and Deep Learning
  • Local video recording for 90 days
  • Remote video recording over the Internet on an NVR connected to the network..
  • For the CCTV industry tower versions with the possibility of mounting your cameras and accessories


Rapid deployment tower CCTV for remote video monitoring of construction sites and photovoltaic farms

4G/LTEFast deployment poleGSMRemote surveillanceTowerTower CCTVVideo monitoringWi-Fi
  • Fast deployment system that is that light it can be carried by the two persons, or pallet jack, or HDS.
  • Retractable pole with cameras at a height of 4m or 5m.
  • 4 AI cameras with 4Mpix (double HD) resolution with automatic human detection, with an efficiency of up to 97% – they do not react to false alarms, animals, vehicles, and accidental traffic.
  • A rotating PTZ camera with a very large zoom reaching 200m from the tower.
  • Infrared night lighting working in complete darkness with a range of 30-50m around and 150m directionally with a PTZ camera.
  • Local and remote video recording that allows to store the evidence from 30-90 days.
  • Wireless video transmission (LTE / 4G / 3G / Wi-Fi) – smooth transmission from all cameras and recorder with the possibility of additional recording in the server room via the Internet.
  • Alarms with SMS – a safe, steel structure protected by a number of tamper sensors, position changes and GPS with SMS notification.
  • Motion detection in a 360° radius around and at least 6m from the tower with independent PIR sensors.
  • Wireless motion detection up to 500m further via iWirelessPIR and radio tower notifications – after such detection, the PTZ camera will approach the area in which the motion has been detected, saving the entire event (NOTE: PTZ camera observation range is up to 646m, recognition 323m, identification 161m, the license plate on almost the entire screen from 200m and event detection from a distance of 1613m).
  • Audio loudspeaker for a remote call or automatic warning message.
  • White LED lighting – automatically switching on in the event of alarm/tamper.
  • Power source:
    • Battery replaceable every 7-14 days (space for batteries: 3x 200Ah / 12V)
    • Year-round solar power up to 1000W (1kW) and wind turbine (300W)
    • From 230V AC (e.g. from an extension cord, aggregate) or from 12V DC (e.g. from a car, from batteries)
  • Battery voltage measurement every 5 seconds, with SMS notification about the need to replace or recharge.
  • Modular design for easy disassembly with the possibility of transporting a small delivery vehicle (separate battery compartment, mast, mast covers).
  • For distributors – version "BACK" for mounting your own cameras and NVR.

iCAM-Solar365 PRO Triplex T1350W

Year-round solar power supply for 1.35kW rapid deployment towers

Panele do kamperówWieża mobilnaZasilanie solarnezasilanie-iCAM Tower
  • Year-round powersolar - for all types of CAMSAT towers
  • Power over 1350W - very high energy efficiency in a compact design
  • Rapid deployment -tool-free and quick disassembly/assembly on the tower by sliding into the sockets
  • Foldable,compact design
  • Glass protection against a stone under the wheels of cars
  • Protection of edges around panels through a 70mm crush zone and a thick frame.
  • 1.6kW custom made - if you need more power, it's not a problem for us. We can make other power plants on request
  • Compatible with any AGM batteries and rapid deployments CCTV towers
  • Any voltage installation – from 12V to 48V DC
  • Two or three panels according to the current season, each panel can be quickly disassembled, so you decide about the size of the power plant.

Wind turbine for rapid deployment CCTV towers

Hybrid power plant with a capacity of over 0.4kW

Wieża mobilnaZasilanie solarnezasilanie-iCAM Tower
  • Perfect for working between buildings - already works with gusts of 1.3m/s from any direction
  • Power over 400W - very high energy efficiency
  • Rapid deployment/strong> - tool-free and quick disassembly / assembly on the tower by sliding into the sockets
  • Lowered for transport reducing the transport height of the tower
  • Inverted leading edge  - safe for the environment
  • More power on request
  • Compatible with any AGM batteries and rapid deployment CCTV towers
  • Any installation voltage – from 12V to 48V DC