ICAM mobile cameras with audio speaker and LED lighting. 

The new generation of CAMSAT mobile cameras has introduced a number of innovations to help maintain public order. The latest version of iCAM software opens a new chapter in the work on intelligent security systems. Powerful computing capabilities mean greater monitoring functionality, especially (but not only) in the area of autonomous work. The potential of the latest versions of iCAM mobile cameras allows for obtaining independent monitoring units with an automatic performance of many activities:

Audible warning and information messages

After the detection of an intruder, the iCAM systems will automatically generate an audible warning message. The powerful sound with appropriate audio transmission will in most cases eliminate further devastation or robbery attempts.

LED illuminator to frighten and make recording of face

The iCAM system, after detecting an intruder, silently performs a number of scans to record any changes in the area, then sets the camera and turns on strong flash lighting. Strong light usually causes the intruder to turn towards the light, therefore we will have a recorded face. Such an alarm can be supported by a sound signal, sending an SMS to the operator or sending information to other iCAM cameras with the order to direct the observation in a specific direction. A number of such activities significantly increase the identification rate.

Motion sensor with automatic camera control

… and checking on the area of violation – you only need one iCAM rotary camera to take photos of almost every person within a 200m radius. The iCAM set with a special set of motion sensors will automatically roll over to areas where motion has been detected. This way you can supervise a huge area with only one camera and set priority areas in which the camera should react immediately when motion is detected.

These and other innovative security-focused functionalities is the technology of future that CAMSAT produces already.

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