CAMSAT rapid deployment cameras to improve road safety in the Police in Radom (Poland).

Police with iCAM-Mobile cameras

iCAM-MobileHD II - rapid deployment monitoring system for improved road safety

iCAM-MobileHD II is a rapid deployment monitoring system produced by CAMSAT, which has recently become popular again with police operations in the Mazovia region (Poland). Police officers from the Traffic Department of the Radom Municipal Police Headquarters and officers from the Prevention Department of the Radom Regional Police Headquarters used iCAM-MobileHD II to improve the safety of vulnerable road users.

During the action, police officers used iCAM-MobileHD II cameras to record live offences committed by pedestrians, cyclists and vehicle drivers. As a result, it was possible to identify 4 pedestrians who did not obey the traffic lights at the pedestrian crossing indicating a red light. All of them were fined 200 PLN. It also turned out that one of those identified, a 75-year-old man, a resident of Radom, was wanted by the court.

The iCAM-MobileHD II also helped to apprehend two drivers who had committed offences endangering the safety of pedestrians. The first driver, a 47-year-old woman, did not give way to a pedestrian in the crosswalk and was fined 1 500 PLN and 15 penalty points. The second driver, a 28-year-old man overtook another vehicle directly on a pedestrian crossing and was found not to have driving privileges.

The aim of the actions taken by the Radom traffic police is to improve the safety of pedestrians and raise the awareness of road traffic participants of the consequences of their actions. iCAM-MobileHD II is an indispensable tool in this case, which helps monitor the situation on the road and increases the effectiveness of the actions of law enforcement services.

Radom Police iCAM-Mobile - Road Safety 2023


Articles on the effectiveness of CAMSAT's iCAM-Mobile cameras

Mazovia Police wrote about CAMSAT cameras:,Policyjne-dzialania-z-uzyciem-urzadzenia-monitorujacego-ICam.html  about the performance of the iCAM-MobileHD II rapid deployment cameras: wrote about the fines issued:


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Radom Police monitoring with iCAM-Mobile cameras

See the videos captured by the police camera.

Police operations February 2023
Police in Radom (Poland) 2023

Rapid deployment urban monitoring - in a different place every day

The iCAM-Mobile is an advanced video surveillance system designed specifically for law enforcement agencies such as the City Guard and Police. The solution enables continuous video recording from the location, as well as remote access to the recorded material. This gives law enforcement services a constant overview of the situation on the city’s streets, allowing them to react quickly in the event of a threat to the safety of residents.

Benefits of using iCAM-Mobile:

  1. Increasing the effectiveness of law enforcement iCAM-Mobile enables continuous monitoring of a selected location, which allows for a quick response in the event of the commission of a crime or offence. The law enforcement services have a constant overview of the situation on the streets of the city, which increases the effectiveness of their actions and allows for quick interventions.
  2. Prevention of crime and misdemeanours iCAM-Mobile is not only a tool for responding to crimes and misdemeanours, but also for preventing them. The presence of a surveillance camera deters potential perpetrators of crimes and misdemeanours and, thanks to continuous image recording, it is possible to trace the exact circumstances of their commission.
  3. Easy access to recorded footage With the ability to remotely access recorded footage, law enforcement agencies can quickly and easily review footage from various cameras, allowing them to accurately trace the circumstances of a crime or offence.
  4. Support for investigations and court proceedings Recordings from iCAM-Mobile cameras are important evidence in court proceedings and investigations. This enables law enforcement services to conduct investigations and court proceedings effectively, allowing them to punish the perpetrators of crimes and offences.
  5. Reduced cost of policing operations iCAM-Mobile is a rapid deployment solution that can be easily transported and installed in various locations. As a result, law enforcement services do not need to invest in fixed surveillance cameras, thus significantly reducing the cost of operations.

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The mobile camera system iCAM-Mobile issued fines for very large amounts of money for dangerous behavior of drivers.

The iCAM-Mobile rapid deployment camera by CAMSAT identified the perpetrators of dangerous behavior of drivers in Radom (Poland)”.

The CAMSAT rapid deployment camera and iCAM-Mobile camera were used by the police in Radom to record cases of intentional vehicle skidding by three drivers. Thanks to the recordings made by the iCAM-MobileHD II monitoring system, officers from the 1st Radom Police Station were able to identify the perpetrators of these offenses. The young drivers had their driving licenses revoked and the police forwarded requests for punishment to the court. The Radom District Court fined the “drifters” 2,500 PLN each and imposed a 6-month driving ban. The owner of the third vehicle involved in the offense was fined 5,000 PLN by officers from the Prevention Department of the Radom Municipal Police for not providing the driver’s information. The police in Radom also monitor places where illegal car races and drifting often occur, posing a danger to road users and disturbing the peace of nearby residents.

Radom Police video surveillance
Radom Police video surveillance

What is the iCAM-Mobile?

CAM-MobileHD II, also known as the “Rapid Deployment Camera on a Lamp Post”, is an innovative rapid deployment camera system created by Polish engineers from CAMSAT. It is the second edition of the popular system, which enables fast and wireless monitoring of various areas without the need for infrastructure or permits.

iCAM-MobileHD II is compatible with various city monitoring systems, such as Bosch VMS, Hikvision, or Novus. The camera can be powered and charged from a lamp post, enabling it to monitor the area 24/7. The camera’s image is of the highest quality and can be accessed from anywhere in the country. Each camera has memory, making it possible to archive recordings from 30 to 90 days ago.

iCAM-MobileHD II is an excellent solution for municipalities that want to implement area monitoring within a few days without the need for projects or permits. This camera can also be used to monitor illegal dumping sites – just mount it 300 meters away and record everything and everyone from a great distance.

iCAM-MobileHD II is characterized by lightning-fast installation – just screw the mounting socket to the lamppost or facade and insert the camera into the socket. The camera can even be mounted by a person with no technical experience. CAMSAT also provides 24/7 technical support.

The camera also has WiFi and 5 GHz radio line, enabling fast downloading of recorded materials.

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