A new municipal safety level

A new level of municipal security: iCAM-MobileHD 2

  •  Own power supply for more than 3 days
  •  LTE: PTZ remote control, preview and recording of HD images
  •  Anti-theft system and geolocation
  •  Internal registration up to 90 days
  •  Optical zoom over 250m (x25 or x30)
  •  IR night vision at 150m
  •  Compatible with VMS Milestone, Bosch, QNAP and many more
  •  Remote image preview possible even on TV with HDMI

… there is a lot of options

for more information, please contact our CAMSAT technical support


In order to test the capabilities of the iCAM system, we provide a remote connection to the test camera. The test camera is connected using the GSM iCAM-LTE wireless system

Contact the sales department and you will receive login details.

We also provide HD images  for display on the website.

In case the test camera is running, the image will be displayed below.

Parameters of the current iCAM camera: HD resolution, transmission link: LTE (iCAM-LTE), IR100m night light, zoom x20