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CAMSAT iCAM Cameras – Safety on the Roads

The mobile monitoring points iCAM by CAMSAT have become a helpful tool for traffic law enforcement agencies and the improvement of road safety. Utilizing this modern technology, officers can monitor traffic efficiently and effectively.

Representatives of the Polish Police appreciate the iCAM devices

The recordings obtained from the iCAM device allow for real-time monitoring of drivers’ behavior and responding to any traffic violations. Mobile monitoring points enable the identification of vehicles exceeding speed limits, disregarding traffic signals, or committing other infractions on the road.

iCAM cameras facilitate swift identification of traffic violations, contributing to the effective enforcement of the law. They support the work of officers by allowing precise recording of offenses.

“This is a device used by police officers to ensure comprehensive safety. Such a camera system can be installed practically anywhere, e.g., on the roof of a car, a building, or a pole. The Ciechanów police once again utilized this device, this time to ensure the safety of vulnerable road users.”

Purpose? Increasing awareness among road users.

Monitoring activities using iCAM cameras contribute to increasing awareness among traffic participants. Drivers become more cautious, knowing that they are being observed by these devices. This operates preventively and results in better compliance with traffic regulations.

iCAM cameras from CAMSAT work preventively, acting as eyes on the road that won’t miss any traffic violations. Drivers, aware of the presence of these devices, are more inclined to adhere to traffic rules because they realize that their behavior is being monitored and documented. This, in turn, translates into a reduction in the risk of collisions, accidents, and other road incidents.

As a result, heightened awareness among traffic participants leads to more courteous behavior on the road, contributing to an overall improvement in safety. Drivers become more responsible, adhere to speed limits, respond to road signs and traffic lights with greater attention, all of which contribute to ensuring the smooth flow and safety of traffic on our roads. Thanks to iCAM cameras, streets become more user-friendly for all traffic participants, bringing benefits to society as a whole.

“We definitely want to continue using this device in the future. Our goal is not to penalize as many drivers, cyclists, or pedestrians as possible, but to alert them to the importance of safe behavior on the road. Certainly, information conveyed through the media also has a preventive effect” says Jolanta Bym from the Ciechanów police department in a conversation with

Among other uses, the Polish Police utilize iCAM-MobileHD II devices, which is an advanced mobile video monitoring system with the capability of power supply and charging from a 230V AC streetlight. This exceptional device offers local video recording for 30 days and the transmission of recordings over the Internet to the monitoring center. It features a built-in 28Ah battery, allowing it to operate for 12-16 hours, even with a 20W camera. With automatic battery charging from a 230V power source and a very fast charging process (up to 6 hours), iCAM-MobileHD II ensures uninterrupted operation.

iCAM-MobileHD II – Link to product

iCAM-Magnetic STAND – Link to product




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