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Wireless CCTV news in 2020 – CAMSAT Wireless

3in1 – HD-TVI, CVI, AHD

TVI CVI AHD wireless video transmission set


Wireless transmission for analog 2Mpix cameras – HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD

3w1, 500m wireless range, IP65, 2MPix, Full HD

Wireless IP with 3 PoE

antenna for IP CCTV cameras


Wireless video bridge with 3 PoE ports for IP cameras

Up to 16 IP cameras, 5GHz, 2km, 3xPoE, 30W/port, 300Mbps
Powered from: 12-24VDC, 48VDC, switch PoE
Stream bandwidth: 63000k bitrate

New PoE switches for IP cameras

X-CAM II Switch

Switch PoE with 1GBps Fiber SC port.

New speed of fiber connection. Compatible with inexpensive SFP modules.


Solar CCTV camera


All-year power supply for CCTV

Power output: PoE+, 12V, 24V, 400Ah battery
Complete with the pylon and ready to work.

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Fast deployment videomonitoring and 100% wireless for every CCTV camera

Rapid deployment CCTV with Hikvision, Dachua, Axis, Bosch

Wireless transmission of 2MPix video for analog HD-TVI, HD-CVI and AHD cameras.

Wireless antenna for 2Mpix video transmission for analog cameras: HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD.

All-year solar power supply for CCTV cameras - iCAM-Solar365

All-year solar power supply for CCTV - iCAM-Solar365

Newest CAMSAT pricelist for 2020 with new wireless CCTV systems is available!

Camsat is already in 2020 and presents new wireless CCTV.

The R&D projects department is working intensively, which resulted in the production of the latest wireless systems which all of Europe has asked about.

The security electronics market is changing rapidly, and Camsat creates it by responding to customer needs. New products in our portfolio fit into the strategy of strengthening the leading market position – emphasizes Przemysław Gralak, R&D of CAMSAT.

Download the latest CAMSAT pricelist for 2020

You will find hot wireless news in it:


The world’s first wireless video transmission set from analog cameras with a resolution of 2Mpix working with all available video standards – CVI, TVI, AHD …and, most importantly, at a very low price comparable with “old” PAL transmitters.

CDS-6IP Multi 3PoE

Wireless transmitter for IP cameras with three PoE+ ports. Our wireless systems are computers with Linux systems having the most efficient processor on the market – the latest radio bridges of the CDS-6IP series can send images from up to 16 cameras wirelessly. To make the installers’ work easier, we have designed a wireless transmitter with an additional 3 PoE ports with a capacity of 30W each. This allows you to connect 3 IP cameras directly to the radio unit without an additional switch. The transmitter itself works in PoE standard and can also be powered by PoE, e.g. directly from a switch or NVR. The large and efficient range, compatibility with any network standard and a much lower price makes the CDS-6IP Multi 3PoE the best radio link for IP CCTV cameras on the market.


All-year power supply systems for CCTV cameras in several variants – they ensure CCTV operation also in the most difficult winter period.

Selection of photovoltaic power supply for CCTV cameras


Set for wireless video transmission from analog CVI/TVI/AHD cameras up to 2Mpix

5.8GHz500m rangeAHD/CVI/TVIIP66
  • Full HD for the price of PAL - we created CAM-Analog2.0 by adding FullHD to TCO-5807h
  • TVI (TurboHD), CVI and AHD - compatible with every analog camera standard with a resolution of up to 2Mpix.
  • Large wireless range - up to 500 meters of LOS video transmission range.
  • 2 EU work channels working in the European 5.8 GHz band
  • Additional 6 channels work available in other countries
  • Analogue FM broadcast in real time
  • Solid BNC video ports on the transmitter and receiver
  • Waterproof design with IP66 protection
  • Compatible with all analog cameras FullHD 2Mpix - 4in1, CVBS, AHD, CVI, TVI.
  • Several sets on one installation - the possibility of running 2 sets side by side in Europe on 2 separate work channels
  • One set transmits one video image, i.e. you need 3 CAM-Analog2.0 sets for 3 cameras
  • CAM-Analog2.0 is a set containing transmitter and receiver

The smallest camera in the world with a grain size of sand

The smallest camera in the world has the size of a grain of sand.

40,000 pixels and size 0.65 x 0.65 x 1.158 mm. The developed camera is not a prototype, but a finished product. Its authors admit that it will have a significant impact on medical imaging from within organisms. The new matrix was on the list of Guinness records for “the smallest image sensor available in commercial sales”.

The smallest camera in the world and a grain of pepper. Fig. and info OmniVision

Mobile camera with high speed head

The film presents the new CAMSAT mobile camera with Avigilon high-speed head.

iCAM Pro mobile cameras

Mobile, wireless monitoring systems.

Quick installation of iCAM Pro cameras

The film presents the process of quick assembly of the iCAM-Mobile II HD camera from the iCAM Pro series.