Camsat mobile cameras shown to the president of Krakow

Krakow authorities surprised with the large possibilities of iCAM-MobileHD systems in city monitoring.

CAMSAT mobile cameras were tested on Wednesday in Kraków as part of the council project of Łukasz Wantuch as an innovative solution for city monitoring.

CAMSAT together with TVPrzemyslowa.pl presented the possibilities offered by mobile city cameras from the iCAM series in a real environment. The cameras were quickly installed and launched in the center of Krakow within less than hour, and the current representatives of the Town Hall could personally check the image quality and the smoothness of video and control signal transmission. The tests went very well, which confirms the universality and high mobility of devices.

The main functions, especially important for representatives of the Krakow authorities include:

  • Very short assembly and configuration time – CAMSAT put video monitoring of two Krakow points in several dozen minutes, without having to dig and provide the installation and re-design the city infrastructure. Such a camera can be quickly moved to any place in the city.
  • High mobility – the cameras can be easily and quickly transferred to any place requiring observation
  • Long range of the camera – from the intersection of Plac Wszystkich świętych with ul. Grodzka (over 300m) it was possible to identify people located near the Sukiennice.
  • Power directly from the lighting lanterns – Using power that occurs almost in the entire city, which does not require designing and digging the infrastructure.
  • Compatibility with any VMS in the Monitoring Center –cooperation with any server software for managing city cameras. The CAMSAT iCAM-Mobile system is also 100% compatible with the Krakow  monitoring center based on the Axxon VMS.
  • Multiple privacy zones – Ability to “blur” the selected area that is not to be monitored. This protects the privacy of residents and provides viewing and recording only urban areas, not private ones.
  • Security and encryption -encrypted communication between the camera and the monitoring center. The right of access is given to only one device or one person in the city monitoring center.

Due to the fact that we specialize in very difficult technical projects, we invite all Krakow services that need remote video monitoring of any county location to contact with CAMSAT.

They write about us

The devices gained great interest not only among professionals present at the presentation but also among numerous polish and foreign tourists  J

Information on the presented solutions appeared in the press of Gazeta Wyborcza, Gazeta Krakowska and “Kraków Nasze Miasto” and in many discussions on social media:

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