Remote site supervision from anywhere in the world!

We present a solution that allows remote preview of construction areas and remote control of cameras even from a remote office. In this way, the managers and people responsible for implementation have access to high-quality HD images from cameras located in different parts of the country. This image can be recorded locally on the NVR camera or recorder anywhere.

Thanks to iConstruction-CAM, supervision and monitoring of several construction projects in various parts of the country is not a problem. The device allows you to limit the number of necessary trips to a minimum and to control the work of subcontractors and to save time and money. The use of rotating cameras with large zoom and remote access to them allows to eliminate many irregularities in a short time.


The iConstruction-CAM camera provides
- monitoring of the working time of subcontractors,
- monitoring of the use of relevant materials,
- securing the area during day and night,
- observation of a large area - monitors the area within a radius of over 200m,
- documentation of the work progress

With iConstruction-CAM you gain:
- reduction of delegation costs,
- preventing theft of building materials,
- the ability to react quickly to unforeseen events,
- lower expenditure on site protection
- promotional material (online streaming, time-lapse videos, etc.)


The most important functions of iConstruction-CAM

Unlimited range camera - 4G LTE
All you need to do is hang the camera and connect to the 230V socket to get a smooth preview ONLINE from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

Smooth HD image and PTZ control by LTE
iConstruction-CAM is a professional CCTV camera that transmits smooth HD video and smooth PTZ control. Cloud, P2P or VPN, often advertised in "Gadget" type cameras, significantly reduce the speed of transmission and cause delays which impedes precise control of the PTZ camera. One of the many advantages of iConstruction-CAM is direct access to the camera in the same way as it is done in a wired connection. We log into the camera directly to the IP address of the SIM card which guarantees no delays in transmission.

A 230V socket is enough
You do not need technical knowledge or an installer to start the iConstruction-CAM camera. All you need is a simple extension cord or 230V socket to run the camera, and you can receive a smooth HD picture anywhere in the world.

Battery for 4 hours
We know from experience that on construction sites power failures are often. Someone may break the extension cord by accident, make a short circuit or turn the power off specifically. That is why all iConstruction-CAM cameras contain their own buffer power supply that ensures work on the battery for over 4 hours.

ONLINE image on your computer, phone or NVR in your office
The image from the camera or several cameras located around the country you will receive, e.g.
• on a PC or MAC computer using a web browser
• on the smartphone with the camera application installed
• on any NVR or central VMS monitoring system
• on iCAM-TVRec - an image receiver with HDMI output that allows you to display images from all cameras on any TV.

In addition to the ONLINE preview, the above methods of reception also provide archiving of images and PTZ control.

Compatible with every IP camera
Works with any IP camera. iConstruction-CAM BACK is transparent and enables the installation of any IP camera. If your network is already based on a camera of a proven brand, you can install such a camera in the iConstruction-CAM BACK model. Works, among others with cameras: Hikvision, Bosch, Sharp, Dahua, Samsung, Novus, Axis, ACTI, VIVOTEC



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Basic parameters

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