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iCAM-Tower PRO

Rapid deployment CCTV monitoring towers in the PRO version with their own year-round power supply

CCTVprotectionTowerWieża mobilna
  • Year-round solar power supply with a capacity of up to 1.35 kW
  • 0.4kW wind turbine - vertical operation with mast vibration damping
  • On wheels - wide wheelbase, ideal for uneven terrain, high tilt angles, and fast, safe movement
  • Rapid deployment controller for quick replacement of all electronics between towers - send only the controller for service, significantly reducing operating costs and trips
  • iCAM-OSD - displays the most important tower and power supply parameters on the image of two IP cameras - 12 key battery, power plant, and alarm parameters
  • iCAM-ECO which saves energy by turning off 95% of electronics in critical battery states, significantly extending protection with one active camera, microphone, and full SSWiN
  • Tower position change detection in 3 planes protects the tower even after complete battery discharge and still notifies about an alarm
  • SafeStar, Kronos - 100% compatibility with any security software
  • Tool-free, quick operation - mechanically inserted cameras for quick replacement between towers, solar and wind turbines without the use of keys - insert and secure with a lock.
  • Wireless PIR sensors with a range of 1000m - automatic PTZ camera approach to the detection area
  • Automatically generated audio warnings after intrusion detection - MP3 file played from a megaphone with a volume of over 120dB
  • Live audio warnings directly from a remote operator
  • Blue strobe light of the deterrent type POLICE that attracts more attention than blaring alarms
  • Green halogen lights 2x 110W modernly illuminating the area
  • 360 protection with PIR sensors with a range of 12m around the tower
  • Power supply according to programmed priorities and switching order :
    • From 230V - fast charging, and after 230V failure, seamless switching to solar power
    • Solar-wind power with a capacity of up to 1.35 kW + 0.4 kW
    • Fuel cells automatically charging batteries for up to 30 days on one tank
    • Battery - space for 4 batteries with a capacity of 200-220Ah
  • Intelligent IP cameras 4Mpix with color image at night, AI, WizSense, and Deep Learning
  • Local video recording for 90 days
  • Remote video recording over the Internet on an NVR connected to the network..
  • For the CCTV industry tower versions with the possibility of mounting your cameras and accessories