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CDS-EasyIP eco

Easy to configure, wireless monitoring for all IP cameras

16 channels2.5 km range4kHD 1080IP65Setting DipSwitch
  • An economical solution for simple CCTV installations in demanding conditions.
  • Simple installation ‒ configuration without a computer and additional devices.
  • 57Mbps transmission ‒ 100% data transmission over a distance of 2,500 meters, loss of 0.02% of frames with continuous transmission over a distance of 3,000 meters.
  • 12 IP cameras at one link ‒ at a distance of up to 1000 meters, thanks to a transmission speed of 95.6Mbps
  • 8 video bridges on one installation - it is possible to run up to 8 radio bridges side by side on 8 separate work channels
  • One video bridge transmits many images from multiple cameras, i.e. you need only two CDS-EasyIP eco units to handle 8 cameras with switch
  • CDS-EasyIP eco is a single radio unit. You need two units to create wireless bridge.
  • One receiver can be paired with up to 4 transmitters and you can connect several cameras to each transmitter.
  • Transmission of 16 cameras with one radio bridge - number of cameras depends on the sum of their bitrate and on the radio distance. The CAMSAT calculator and diagrams will help you to select the devices.


Installation comfort - wireless transmitter for IP cameras with one PoE port

16 channels2.5 km range4kHD 1080IP65Setting DipSwitch
  • The best price-to-installation ratio - easy and very fast assembly reduces labor costs to a minimum and the included power supply also powers the IP camera
  • Easy configuration without a computer - The whole process of starting the system relies on selecting channel number and working model using a micro DIP switch.
  • Two LAN inputs for IP cameras, including one with PoE - the PoE port is used to power the IP camera up to 15W
  • Power adapter included that will also power the 15W IP camera
  • Works with any cameras IP up to 16Mpix
  • Used in facilities with high radio interference and in large areas
  • Great for beginner installers in IP - installation requires no technical knowledge
  • Transparent - send everything in both directions on IP networks - the IP address family and the protocol used are irrelevant


Wireless CCTV system for monitoring elevators and cranes

16 channels250m range5.2GHz5.8GHzIP55Setting DipSwitch
  • CCTV system with two inputs for IP cameras - each transmitter has two inputs for IP cameras; each input sends images from cameras with a resolution of up to 8 Mpix.
  • Quick to install and easy to start - operating the transmitter requires no IT knowledge; just follow the instructions - select the operating mode and select the channel number.
  • Resistant to interference and signal reflection - the use of digital radio technology ensures uninterrupted transmission even when the elevator is moving at high speed and transmission between numerous elevator cables.